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While the Federation continues to struggle with the Borg, the Undine, and political and diplomatic developments, I, Vice Admiral Ramses of the R.X.S. Wanderer, was assigned the task of assisting the Romulan Republic for exactly 5 months. I was told that my diverse crew of Jem'Hadar, Tholians, and Breen (to name a few) would greatly assist the Republic due our wide array of abilities.

Upon arrival at New Romulus, my Breen first mate Tran and I were informed of disappearing cargo freighters that were last seen around Nimbus space. Thinking it was simply pirates, we agreed to search the area for the freighters.

Only a few Earth hours later, we arrived at the designated location. At first, sensors detected nothing; only a few asteroids were present. We were about to report back to New Romulus when... THEY appeared.

Several ships appeared from out of nowhere - literally. Thye just appeared. No anomalies were detected upon their arrival. No warp signatures, nothing. The ship configurations matched Elachi Dreadnoughts. Four of them, if I recall. They silently apporached our Risian corvette, seeming to size us up.

We simply held our ground. What else could we do? For what seemed like the longest minutes of my life, we sat and observed each other in silence. Finally, my head of Security, Far'lukan, turned to me.

"Recommended course of action, sir?"

Those were last words he ever said to me.

Without warning, he was beamed out. To this day, I still don't know how they did it. Our shields were up, we were in Red Alert. It wasn't just him either. One of every alien species aboard our ship was beam out. Tholian, Jem'Hadar, Breen, Vorta, and many more. All gone.

We pulled out as fast as we could. Using an Isometric Charge and a Graviton Pulse, we bought ourselves enough time to jump to warp.

I still don't know what happened to them.

-Log has been classified by Starfleet Intelligence-

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