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# 1 Widow fighter Torpedo or mines
08-21-2013, 04:28 AM
I have a widow fighter that I got a while ago I havent used it much but was using it a foundry mission and realised I need to setup better as the standard torpedo although it a rare one is quite useless so here is the current weaponry

Refracted tetryon beam array mkXII. Hyper romulan plasma torpedo mkXII
However I would like the widow fighter to be a tholian setup.

Is there any tholian torpedos out there and if so are they better than the web mines as I believe that will severely hurt my fighter rather than help it.
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# 2
08-21-2013, 05:48 AM
Fighters and Shuttles can't use Mines. No rear weapons slot.

The only Tholian Torpedo is the one you didn't like.

I like the Omega Torpedo on a Fighter/Shuttle. 2s firing time means it's always ready. Torpedo Spread will take out a wave of fighters pretty easily too. The plasma dot will do them in.
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