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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
I can only check the MVAE personally, but I was under the opinion that all Consoles to do with Seperation where 3 minutes now.

Multi Vector, Saucer Sep, Chevron Sep, Aquarius deply and Ho'sus deploy. And what ever the Romulans call theirs.
I've had an Odyssey for pretty much forever. And trust me, the only way that CD drops below 5 minutes is if you have the set bonus that reduces CD. Before they adjusted it, I can remember quite clearly the infuriation of making a stupid mistake and getting donkey punched by the Borg and having to wait 5 minutes before I could chevron sep again.

It's basically the same for all 3 consoles, and from what I've seen from the Bort, same thing.
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