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# 1 Build for Vesta for PvP
08-22-2013, 09:49 AM
Hailing Frequencies open

Hello all

I am not new to the game but I am new to PvP. After getting my ship scrapped quickly and repeatedly, I am looking for advice for a build on the Vesta line of ships.

I am currently flying the Vesta Multi-Mission Recon Explorer

My load out is as follows;

Front Elachi Crescent Cannons XI, Nantite Disprutors XII, Quatum Torpedo XI (all purple)
Back Elachi Beam XI, Tetreyon Turret Turret XI, Tetreyon Beam Array XI (2 purple, one green)

Full set of Jem Hadar deflector dish, Impluse Engine and Shield (All XII)
Fleet Warp Core (XII) Sep (W-P) Cap SST

All the consoles that came with the bundle plus
RCS XI (blue), Nuetronium Alloy XI (blue)
Shield Emitter XI (blue), Shield Array XI (blue), Tachyokinetic converter, Subspace Integration circuit
Prefire Chamber XI

Hanger - Advanced Scorpin Fighters (Purple)

I have seen other post talk about various build strats and I was wondering if I should just start from scratch or modify this build.

Thank you for all advice and opinions

Hailing Frequencies closed
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# 2 Just trying to help :)
08-22-2013, 03:48 PM
If you go on the pvp forum they have a very nice pvp ship build thread and one of the ships it covers is a vesta. I only state this because it was a very big help to me, I've played since beta but the way this game constantly changes its always a big help to have some pvp masters to help you. You can also try the organizedpvp channel a lot of people on there are very nice and helpful. As far as for a build its hard to help without knowing what you are a tac offy sci offy or engy. But I can give ya one hint get the danubes they are the biggest help with their tractors in pvp.Also try to use all the same weapon type so your tac consoles can be for that one type because that prefire console wont get you as much bang for your buck as say a console that concentrates on one type of weapon ex:the quantum projectile console for your quantum torps or tetryon console for the beams. Also that turning rcs console is not an issue because the vesta turns pretty good already use maybe an assimilated console or even the subspace console even another nuetronium console would be better for the hull strength there to get another console spot. With my vesta I like to run the phased polarons with a disable setup a lot like the one on the pvp forum. But I would look at the pvp ship build guide before I decided on whether to scrap the build or just modify it. Sorry for the wall of text just trying to help and like I said I am not a hardcore pvper but with some help I can usually hold my own except for those nasty premades lol

p.s. This was all personal opinions and in no way reflects on the pvp ship build guide which is godly....that is all

Hope this helps

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