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View Poll Results: Which of these societies from ST: Voyager would you most like to encounter in STO?
The Kazon 329 15.89%
The Vidiian 348 16.81%
The Krenim 925 44.69%
The Malon 70 3.38%
The Hierarchy 211 10.19%
The Devore 187 9.03%
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08-23-2013, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
Vidiians is a BAD idea. They were "hand-waved" out of the Voyager plot by having the think tank cure the phage.
I completely disagree.

As you say, they were "hand-waved out" which is another way of saying "lazily removed by the writers" ... and it was done without apparent reason. Furthermore, without any supporting evidence. The Think Tank could've been lying.

Or, even more devious, they could have given the Vidiians a cure that only works temporarily, and more would only be supplied on the condition that the Vidiians become a sort of vassal state to their needs. A protection racket, one might say... Sort of a, "Continue to pay us or otherwise fulfill our needs, and we'll keep your species cured. Fail, and you lose."

The Think Tank was not an altruistic group of thinkers. They were only interested if they got something out of the deal. And when they were crippled by Voyager, it's entirely possible that the 'cure' stopped working.

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