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Reputation System Master Shopping List (to complete all tears, not including gears or toys):

This first part it should be noted as buy as needed. And may be off since I'm taking into account you can run last tiers rep projects into the next tier (I corrected this for Provisions).

1470 Large Shield Charge
1470 Large Hypo
1470 Large Power Cells
2790 Major Regens

Marks and Expertise:

1526 Romulan Marks (4x Elder Epohh)
1526 Nukara Marks (20x CEE during Rep Bonus Hours)
1526 Omega Marks (18x ESTF during Rep Bonus Hours)
1.5 Million Expertise (8x Mirror Invasion VA Hours, probably the hardest part)

Now for the meat, I made this list for myself based on individual rep project costs and taking into account you can carry last rep projects into the next tier (meaning 1 more tier 0 project and 1 less tier 4 project). I thought I'd share so you know what to put into your bank for a new lvl 50 about to start the grind.

350 Shield Generators
3245 Industrial Energy Cells
1020 Self Sealing Stem Bolts
320 Medical Supplies
195 Water Purification Systems
320 Provisions
380 Seismic Stabilizers
390 Terraforming Systems
650 Entertainment Provisions
1170 Weather Control System
75 Antigens
60 Industrial Replicators
240 Astrometric Probes
650 Warp Coils

This is for 1 toons, buy the provisions from where you can get the biggest discount: Embassy>>Tuffli/Cell Ship/Federation Cargo Ship (with discount). I should also mention its about 2.5 million EC per Reputation System to completion. I'd buy all the provisions and than worry about hypos and the likes per tier.

Dear Devs, please increase Regen/Hypo/Shield Charges/Power Cells stack sizes. As is most of these already pull out of your bag/bank when using them in game or get dumped right into your items on pickup.

Originally Posted by architect13 View Post
I am not sure if this is up to date
Here is a list of the individual project coast for reference, my list above is all of the projects costs added up with how many projects it would take to get through each tier.

This is not a list for grinding out the gear, this is just to reach T5 in all three systems.
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