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# 11
08-18-2013, 11:52 PM
I love the marauder and I'm glad there's new interest in it

I've had good luck with:

TT1, FAW2 or APD1

EPtW1, AtSIF1, EPtS3, warp plasma 3 or DEM3
EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3

PH1 or TB1

you can switch EPtW and EPtS if you want to do a little more DPS.

I would love to get a fleet version
Career Officer
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# 12
08-19-2013, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by coupaholic View Post
Ooo show and tell! I always liked threads like this, here's what I did with mine:


IKS Outrider - KDF Tac
That build there looks like it would rock out loud in Hive Onslaught.

For grins I came up with a little something just for CCE:

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# 13
08-19-2013, 04:10 AM

Heres my submission - based off my Torpvette, its a transphasic based, no rep, no fleet, non lockbox (although I do advise picking up a suliban matter/anitmatter doff for a2d) cheap 'n cheerful build designed to turn the 'pigboat' into a fairly high speed (impulse 90 on my boat), shield ignoring patrol cruiser built more for group combat than single (I chose the paratrinic as its easy to get and with dual epts3, is rather tanky, ignoring the horrendous bleedthrough)

As to the cmdr eng ability, for kerrat (yes, I took it to kerrat for a test...and my god, the elachi spam...), I prefer acetone beam - using the harpengh to force an he use; this then gives acetone a free duration time - and the energy damage reduction that really helps your survival
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# 14
08-24-2013, 01:23 PM
Sorry about the lack of replies, we've had alot of thunderstorms here.

Due to not having the consoles and interceptors, I've tweaked the build a little, how does this look Eradicator:

Forward Weapons: Rom Plasma DBB, expiremental beam, rom plasma BA, rom plasma torp

Aft: rom plasma BAx3, cutting beam

Shields/Defl/Eng: Either Aegis, HG, or Adapted HG

Core: Overcharged with [A>W]

Eng Consoles: Mine Neutronium with +Turnx2, RCS Mk11, Antimatter Spread

Sci Consoles: Field Generator Mk11, Embassy Emitter Mk10 w/+Th & +Plasma, Barrier Field

Tac Consoles: Infuser Mk11x2

If the universals dont look good, I have others:
Auto Turret
Integration Circuit

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