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Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Two negative points about this bundle :

One the bridge , the Conn station is too high -- thus if you RP and want to sit in the command chair , you won't see 1/3 of the view screen (in front of the bridge) .
(ironically the free 'Defiant' bridge does not have this issue)

If you Doff , this ship interior slows you down , as it has a complicated 2 level interior , and the problem comes from needing a different turbolift to reach every deck .
This means that you take one turbolift to deck 1 , then you run around on deck 1 untill you reach another turbolift and you take that to deck 2 .

This really sucks , and I wish they'd fix this so you can use one turbolift to reach all decks .
I only found out about this after the purchase , and it made me regret the purchase as it 's wasting my time .
Thnaks for pointing out - any chance that devs will fix it ?
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Bundles are available to all characters of the faction the bundle is tied to ie: Federation, Romulan, KDF, etc. Bundles give you a number of items, but some are not really worth the price you will pay to get them. I've bought both the TOS, and Enterprise bundles. I got more value out of the Enterprise bundle.

The TOS gives you a worthless shuttle with a universal ensign bridge officer that only works with the shuttle. The shuttle does nothing, can't keep up with your ship, and runs away at the first sign of an enemy vessel. Of course, I haven't tried to use it in the new foundry (Shuttle Only) mission, but it would seem this thing is merely a pet with no other actual purpose other than to get you to buy the bundle. You unlock a level appropriate phaser that becomes useless when you hit Lt. Commander.

Then you only get a partial uniform, not the full TOS set which would have made the bundle slightly better. The bridge is cool for nostalgic purposes, but no one wears the TOS uniform until you go down to crew deck. It makes the bridge look tacky.

Enterprise gives you a starter ship with a nifty grappling hook that has a similar effect to tractor beam without taking up a bridge officer ability slot. The full uniform, both normal, and mirror, along with the T'Pol outfit are all included.

In summary, not all bundles are of equal, or good value, so make sure you read the description of what you get with that bundle before you purchase it. Researching the items included will give you insight as most of the items are available for single purchase. Just my take on them.

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Is it possible to buy the DS9 admiral belt and jacket "without" having to buy the whole bundle? Pretty expensive belt...
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Originally Posted by sonnikku View Post
Is it possible to buy the DS9 admiral belt and jacket "without" having to buy the whole bundle? Pretty expensive belt...
AFAIK it's exclusive to the bundle .

Originally Posted by decronia View Post
Didn't they add a console in the ready room? They have on all the Fed interiors I have used so you don't have to go to the different decks you can talk to them from the ready room.
Ok , just checked this and they do have a console in the ready room for doffing .
It's easiest to reach by using the right bridge to exit .
(once you exit the bridge , call up the mini-map to locate the room)

Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
There is no 'turbolift' to deck 1. There is a door that leads out to the rest of deck 1.
Ok , I see ... (and you seem to be right) , yet the fact remains that you have to make two 'exits' just to get to a lower deck .
Every other interior in the game uses just one exit .
For more info click : Here and here .

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