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After all these years you guys haven't fixed the problems with Klingon Scout Force and the certain things that alter the scoring.

You never fixed the Turrets, you didn't fix the Cruiser Spawn, it takes forever for them to spawn. And giving no time to get the Locations for the Daily after the Event.

I thought it would be fun to start playing these Fleet Actions again, but I won't bother with them anymore.

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08-25-2013, 07:39 AM
I think the long spawn time is a way for Cryptic to control the flow of dil. Scout would finish very fast otherwise.

Anyways, that's only an opinion, which could be wrong considering there is no time deterrent in stf which lasts 3 to 6min nowadays and have a much bigger dil payout.
STO is the BEST game ever and the players absolutely LOVE it.
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the echo chamber that is this isolated PvP community is likely to do nothing but stir up additional ire among the small number of players that come here.
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08-25-2013, 07:46 AM
Boring as sin ... Stopped doing it after graduating fom being noob. Lots of better options. Cryptic xi your ****!

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