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08-27-2013, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
As I understand it they're holding back on the Galaxy because they want to do some far more extensive changes to her.
No, they arent ... unless you are one of those crazy people that think Cryptic is going to make their favorite ship the new OP.

They wanted to do a pack with the 3 "Galaxy" ships but it didnt worked as if you brought one ship you would be unable to buy the pack, the Dread was supposed to have separation but that never materialized due to problems ... or so they claim.

Its possible they could do the same with the T4/T5 "main" ships like they did with Romulan T5 ships sets but the Defiant is already pushing it, god knows the Interpid needs it but not seeing Nadeon Detonator doing anything for it as the Galaxies have VERY different purposes at T5 as Antimatter Spread works well on the Galaxy-R (saucer section will use it) it naturally doesnt on the Dread but then you would have a ship with a cloak, a AoE placate on the saucer as well on the main ship with a Phaser space shortgun AND cloak PLUS Dual Cannon equipment capability? Not to say what would be on the Saucer?

And that is what we been told and what would work, start piling bonus on sets and BO seating and we would end up with something that would not only be comparable with the Fleet Vor'cha but would surpass it.
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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Agreed on the Guramba, but I don't think the Galaxy fits in there in the way you mention it.
As I understand it they're holding back on the Galaxy because they want to do some far more extensive changes to her. I hasn't anything to do with refunds. They recently buffed the Oddy and Borty and there was no demand for a refund there either.
The Buff added things, without changing what it already did. I did use a really really bad example.

I should have said a complete BOFF retool. Essentially the Mirror Vo'quv Layout on the Galaxy would be awesome, still clearly a Cruiser but capable of Lt.Com Sci and Tac she'd be the ultimate Aux2Bat ship.
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