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# 1 New Koro'tinga skin...
08-27-2013, 09:03 AM
They should have made the D7 an earlier tier with less mountable weapons than the K'tinga. I think the Koro'tinga pipe look is great, but it appears less advanced than the K'tinga. It appears more streamlined than the K'tinga, but less durable. The K'tinga retrofit is ugly; enough said there. They should create a skin to replace the Koro'tinga that's more in line with the K'tinga, but just as robust in appearance. They could keep the solid structure body structure while making the bulbous front pod like the more streamlined Koro'tinga's. The main body of the Koro'tinga could also be used while keeping the K'tinga solid neck. Also, the housing on top of the Koro'tinga could be kept because it too has a more slim/aerodynamic appearance. That would be a great K'tinga retrofit. Players would drool to have one.

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