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Originally Posted by cgta1967 View Post
cruisers dont suck at all IMO, I rather enjoy them....but I also know that they have a purpose in starfleet other than one on one warfare.... just like science ships are intended for something other than 1 on 1 conflict against escorts..

escorts excel in one on one PVP because they are made exclusively for head to head war .... science ships not so much as they are for messing the other guys systems up and cruisers are more for 'I can take a hit while you guys blast em" teamplay than solo in fights.

If you want to excel in 1v1 PVP....why would you even consider using a science ship or a cruiser? PVP is 100% about kill the enemy conflict, and killing the other guy with deadly force as quickly as possible.

so yeah.... if you are having a hard time in PVP.....get the biggest best fastest most maneuverable weapon, which an escort with forward facing cannons seems to provide rather well.

"would you take on the USS Arizona with the RV Calypso ?"


1v1 PvP shows nothing, ever. !v! is a decent way to test you ship's build but outside of that it's not worth much.

Now that being said PvE, I can dish fair amounts of punishment in any ship. that being said i can dish way more in my escort than i can in a cruiser or a science vessel.

The reason for this is say you are running an all beam boat. At full broadside
(all 8 beams frining) you lose a chunk of -70 weapons power, and beams have less damage per capita then canons.

If you are running the Norm for escorts, you most likely have 4 DHC's and 3 Turrets. For references sake.

At optimum attack, full frontal, everything firing. You have a loss of ONLY -60 on a weapon that dishes out more damge per volley.

so dont be a jerk. be a reasonable human being and don't force your opinion on others.
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