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I would like to see a new skin pack added to the C-store. One that came with the following benifits:

TOS style skin for the Miranda (Anton class)

Saratoga skin (no rollbar option, side mounted sensor pods) for the Miranda (DS9 episode "Emissary", Borg Battle scene bewteen Best of Both Worlds)

When a player summons a frigate via Fleet Support or Photonic Fleet, the summoned ship uses the player's unused T1 ship(s) as the modle, complete with ship name and weapon type.
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08-28-2013, 10:40 AM
That Anton class does look smexy, love TOS ships like the D7, T'liss and Connie. I'm surprised that Feds don't have a carrier that can do Miranda Frigates, to the effect like what they were used for in the Dominion War. I want my Defiant and Miranda carrier pets and a pretty Fed carrier for them (not the Jupiter Dreadnought)!
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