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The Elachi Invasion
A Mini-Series Event for Rogue Squadron of Starfleet

Event Dates: August 30th thru September 28th 2013
Awards Ceremony: September August 29th 2013

This will be an event mini-series. This means it will contain multiple events allowing members choices on how they wish to participate. The series includes a hunt, raffle, story arc (4 missions), and an awards ceremony after the event is complete, where all prizes will be distributed.

The Hunt
The Hunt is the main event. Rogue Squadron is asking fleet members to travel to an exploration zone and scan the anomalies they find there. Successful completion of the mini-game will award various random mats, both Particle Traces and Data Samples. After you have collected mats, submit the mats to the Fleet for credit.
  • Every 20 Particle Traces will earn you 1 raffle ticket.
  • Any member who earns 20 raffle tickets will be awarded a pack of 6 Federation Mirror Universe Ships!
  • The Federation Mirror Universe Ship Pack will contain one (1) each of the following: Patrol Escort, Star Cruiser, Assault Cruiser, Advanced Escort, Reconnaissance Science Vessel, Deep Science Vessel.
  • Members with the highest number of contributions will receive Master Keys & Lockboxes!
  • 1
    st Place: 20 Master Keys & 20 Elachi Lockboxes
  • 2nd Place: 10 Master Keys & 10 Elachi Lockboxes
  • 3rd Place: 5 Master Keys & 5 Elachi Lockboxes

The Raffle
The Raffle is your chance at winning some great prizes for participating in any of the events. The primary way to gain entries is by contributing Particle Traces you find during The Hunt. Every twenty (20) Particle Traces you turn in to the fleet will earn you one (1) raffle ticket. You can also earn one (1) raffle ticket in The Raffle by playing through the Story Arc missions for the first time.

Raffle Prizes
  • Choice of Elachi Escort or Monbosh Carrier: Player will get to choose which lockbox ship they want, either the Elachi Escort or Monbosh Carrier. One (1) Winner Total
  • Elachi Traits Pack: Player will receive a complete set of trait packs available from the Elachi Lockbox. This prize includes one (1) each of the following traits: Regenerative Tissue, Firearms Specialist, Wing Commander, Inspirational Leader traits. One (1) Winner Total
  • Hybrid Weapon Pack: Player will receive ten (10) boxes of four types of hybrid weapons. The type of weapons included are Elachi Crescent, Nanite Disruptor, Polarized Disruptor, and Phased Polaron. One (1) Winner Total
  • Duty Officer Pack (2 Winners!): Player will receive 10 each of Standard Fleet Support Mini-Packs AND 1 Romulan Survivor (common) AND 5 Very Rare packs: Elachi Survivor, Tholian Warfare Specialist, Dominion, Gamma Quadrant Elite, and Temporal. Two (2) Winners Total
  • Universal Console Pack: Player receives one (1) each of the following consoles: Graviton Pulse, Plasmonic Leech, Vent Theta Radiation, Isometric Charge, Subspace Jump, Bio-Neural Warhead, and Subspace Integration Circuit. One (1) Winner Total
  • Elachi Drone Pack: Player will receive one (1) box (each box is a 10 pack) of all 3 Elachi Drone ground consumables AND Elachi vanity pet. These items are available from the Lobi Store. One (1) Winner Total
  • Bonus Pools Pack (3 Winners!): Each winner will receive one (1) each of the following: 25,000 Fleet Credit Consumable, 5,000 Fleet Credit Consumable, 10,000 CXP Consumable, 2,000 CXP Consumable, 100 Fleet Mark Consumable, AND 1,000 Skill Boost Consumable. Three (3) Winners in All!
The Foundry Series
There has been a mini-series of four (4) foundry missions designed to accompany this event. One (1) mission will be released each week of the event on Friday. After completing each mission, leave a WRITTEN review AND TIP to receive a free raffle ticket. Tips received will be used to offset the cost of foundry project slots. The extra slots will be used for other fleet events.

The Awards Ceremony
After the last day of the event an Awards Ceremony will be held at the Fleet Embassy on New Romulus. During this event the raffle winners will be announced, and which will be concluded by running STFs for Fleet Marks. Members are encouraged to attend. Door Prizes will be distributed to those in attendance. The Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 29, 2013. The time of the the Awards Ceremony is tentative. (Current scheduled for 9:00am Eastern Standard Time (US).

You must be a member of Rogue Squadron of Starfleet. Others (non-members) may participate by joining the group during the event.

For more information or a fleet invite, please contact @RAIDController through the In-Game Mail System.

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