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# 91
08-14-2013, 09:04 AM
I was thinking. This would be neat if when you load ARC it gave you the option to patch the game. As it it, it's a launcher to launch the launcher. You don't have to log in to the individual game, but you end up clicking "play" in ARC, and then "Engage" once the STO launcher is opened.
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# 92
08-20-2013, 09:13 AM
I have been away from STO for about 8 months as i found it, and the associated technical problems, increasingly annoying.

Today i thought i would give it another try as Ciity of Heroes is STILL not back.

Found i was obliged to install this Arc thing before downloading STO but did so anyway.

It won't launch STO - i only get the now legendary 'Cryptic Game Launcher Has Stopped Working' message.

I really am not interested in spending time and effort on trying to get what should be an enjoyable experience to work so goodbye Cryptic Studios.
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# 93 Arc works fine for me
08-21-2013, 08:14 PM
After seeing Let's Plays on Youtube about Star Trek Online, I decided to give it a go. Sadly, there is not enough room on the computer I use to install Steam directly on it or Arc. I tried installing Steam to my flash drive and it said no. When I installed Arc onto it, I could change the directory without it saying no. For weeks I have been playing Star Trek Online, despite some crashes, it has been a fun experience. Now, I was playing it today and it crashed. I started it up tonight to start where I left off and Arc has to install an update. After it was installed, I logged in, everything seemed ok for awhile. Then I clicked on the Star Trek Online icon on the Arc window that said Play or something like that. This is where the problem comes in: It minimized the window and I cannot see the Cryptic launcher and I click on it and still cannot see it. Can someone please fix this, the update just messed up the game launcher. Thanks.
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# 94 Update to the previous post
08-21-2013, 08:37 PM
Update: I clicked on the game client file for Star Trek Online and it ran well and got to the login screen. I logged in and was connecting to the server. It kept on connecting to the server and then it timed out. That was my last resort and it failed. I hope this gets fixed when they do shard maintenance. I have never had problems as bad as that one. Someone needs to fix that. As for those not wanting to install Arc or Steam on their systems, I understand. This is a game that would run smoother and quicker, if you did not need to download an application like that. Instead of going Arc, they should offer the game executable and allow it to execute without Arc or Steam. Those are my two cents.
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# 95 Update: it is fixed
08-23-2013, 06:03 PM
Apparently this problem was also happening for those who play Neverwinter as well. So these are the steps I did to solve the problem if anyone else has this problem too.

1. Start Star Trek Online
2. Start Task manager
3. Applications tab
4. Right click on Star Trek Online and press Minimize
5. Right click again and press Maximize (I had to push hard)
(Now launcher is there but Maximized over everything)
6. Escape to close launcher
7. Start Star Trek Online and there is your launcher again, visible and in normal size.

I hope that helps, I will be closing by ticket now. It is solved. Phew!
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Ok Cryptic/PWE, a lot of us Beta-Lifetime Vets have taken all these changes over the last couple years and we keep playing. This new Arc launcher is absolutely horrible! No matter what I try I can not get the game to login and start up. There was absolutely no need for another RAM eating program to be added for us to be able to log in.

I have 3 accounts, my Beta-Lifetime Vet account, and two free to play accounts totaling 20 max rank characters of both factions. I am also the leader of two Fleets. It is more than angering to not be able to log in to even check if Starbase missions need added, or even to play at all for that matter. Please get rid of this horribly programmed, unnecessary added, RAM eating game laucher that will not even do what it is supposed to do...Launch the damn game!
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08-29-2013, 07:38 AM
You could start the actual game manually via c:/program files/cryptic studios/star trek online/live/GameClient.exe

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08-29-2013, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
You could start the actual game manually via c:/program files/cryptic studios/star trek online/live/GameClient.exe
Last time I tried that I couldn't get on because the game requires the launcher to verify your account. If ARC makes that step unnecessary, then I'm all for it.
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08-29-2013, 08:57 AM
Or you could just not use ARC, I'm still using the old game launcher I got when I started playing at F2P and I will continue to until it is no longer an option.
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# 100
08-29-2013, 09:12 AM
ARC? What is that?

Oh right, noooooo.

STO is the best game ever and the players love it.

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