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ok i have same issue and 1st i submitted a bug report , then i submitted 2 GM tickets going on 3 days with no response and before patch no issue now all expired exchange email is locked up and items missing, i would say around 30+ Very rare items missing. I have been playing this game sense Beta and i am a LTS, I have spent ALOT of money on this game and now it is FTP and they still selling subs how much more is the STO community going to take???? Imagine if everyone playing just stopped where would STO be at then. insteid of fixing small issues like Ground weapons the real issues need attention First as the Mail being one of the important ones. Every MMO i have played that uses a MAIL system dont have serious issues like this and if they did it would be quickly fixed considering thats how the player base makes their currency and considering in the actual ST Lore they DONT use any currency except GPL to traders so if their is going to be a Mail System it should always have a High priority. As it is i cant delete anything and my fleet cant send me mail so if there is a LIMIT problem how am i expected to to remedy the issue if I cant delete anything. If issues cant be fixed without causing even more issues maybe it is time to rethink the programming structure. I have more then paid my dues for this game and there are ALOT of people still paying Monthly subs for the Benefits on a game that is FTP and now is very unstable. So come on Guys dont let this game go down the tubes and just a FYI Startrek fan base is one of the largest world wide, everyone who has a love for star trek will love this game but not if it is filled with broken code that takes forever to fix. So for a minute put yourselves in our (STO Community) Shoes how would u feel about all of it and when u think it is getting better it takes a major 180.....

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