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# 1 Looking for a home.
09-02-2013, 04:19 AM
I hope it's ok posting this here, I'm unsure if it's just for Fleets who are recruiting and not individuals.

I joined the game last week, I have a 50 Tactical character. I've been a member of a Fleet but it seems pretty dead so I'm looking for another home.

Most important, I would like a Fleet who's able to help me buy the Fleet Advanced Escort (Prometheus). From what I've been told when asking in Zone chat, it isn't uncommon to buy your way into a fleet just for the ship. Even though I would like to stick around in a Fleet, I'm willing to go down this path.

So that being said, is anyone willing to help a new player out?

Drop me a message @juniortrekkie, or reply here if you're willing.

Thanks for your time!

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