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I have an Odyssey tactical cruiser with anti-proton beam weapons, quantum and transphasic torpedoes along with the Omega torpedo. All Fleet advanced weapons.

Bridge Officer powers:
Tactical team 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Torpedo High Yield 3 (Lt.Cmdr Uni)
Polarize Hull 1 (Ens Uni)
Beam overload 1, beam fire at will 2 (Lt. Tac)
Emergency power to shields 1, Reverse shield polarity 1, Directed energy modulation 2, Aceton beam 3 (Cmdr Eng)
Science team 1, Hazard emitters 2 (Lt. Sci)

Along with these consoles
Diburnium Hull Plating Mk xii (purple)
Neutronium alloy mk xii (green)
rcs accelerator mk xii (green)
transwarp computer - Science slot
Biofunction monitor mk xii (purple)
Fleet Emitter array (huh, +th)
Antiproton mag regulator mk xii (blue)
Zero point quantum chamber mk xii (purple)
transphasic compressor mk xii (purple)

I also have Fleet Impulse engines and Warp core. with Covariant shield array mk xii (capx3, purple) and regular MACO deflector mk xii (Shields and deflector may be replaced with fleet shield/deflector)

My question is whether or not this is a good build? I'm considering ditching the omega torpedo for another fleet quantum. Also may be changing one of my engineering abilities to engineering team II or III (possibly replacing aceton beam or directed energy modulation)
if I do i would switch Reverse shield polarity to RSP II)

I also have a Mirror Advanced escort which i will outfit with fleet advanced weapons and the Adapted MACO set.

In addition I'd like to get a Science vessel and outfit it as a tactical science vessel. What is a good science vessel that has descent tactical stations. I'm thinking tetryon or polaron weapons and the regular MACO space set.

Any advise is appreciated.
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09-04-2013, 11:43 AM
I would check out the PvP shipbuilding guides in the forums. Lots of basic ideas there that will help you make a effective ship.
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09-04-2013, 01:01 PM
The Tactical Vesta is ideal if you want a tactically focused science vessel.

Plus it comes with a really big laser
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09-04-2013, 01:16 PM

It's a little dated, but it's still got good bases to go on. Lots of different captains posted up their builds in their, so find one that suits you/is a good thing to start with, and work your magic from there
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09-04-2013, 01:20 PM
In my opinion you should not use 3 torpedoes.
I'd only use Mag regulators on tactical slots and I wouldn't use the RCS (not really needed if you are going to broadside and/or fire at will.
As for the BOffs, I would try to maximize the "repeatable actions", hence two copies of tactical team and two copies of fire at will. Also, emergency power to weapons.

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09-04-2013, 06:47 PM
If you have access to Fleet Neutronium consoles via Dilithium holdings, get one with Turn Rate. It will help so you can get rid of the green RCS console and get a free slot.

I'd swap the Biofunction monitor for shield regen console MK XII blue or MK XI purple. Or get the Assimilated Module to put in there from the Borg Omega rep system. I'm surprised you don't have it.

Stick with 3 Antiproton Mag Regulators... MK XI purple or MK XII blue. And stick to just 1 type of a torp... 1 launcher at the front. I tried the Aux2Bat build on this but eh... it can slot Lt Cmd. tac so use it.

Speaking of tac abilities... I'd swap out Torp Spread 2 with Attack Patter Beta 1. Broadsiding with APB1 helps.

For science abilities, I'd switch to HE1 and Transfer Shield Strength 2 for shield resists.

For engineering, if you can get DEM 3 on the CMD Boff Slot so you can use RSP 2 in the Lt. Cmd. slot and EPtS 2 in the Lt. slot and EPtW 1 in the Ens slot.

How are your power levels (the set power vs the actual) and how far are you with your reputation skills? Those help a lot.

What kind of space DOFFs do you have slotted?

You can see my Fleet Galaxy Class build for ideas. It's designed for broadsiding with the Aux2Bat setup.

Or just fly a Vesta Class...

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09-05-2013, 02:58 AM
Thanks for the replies and advise. I've nearly maxed out my reputation. The only one I'm really working on is Nukara. I've competed the Omega and Romulan reputations. My duty officers are as follows: Two green technicians. One purple, one blue projectile weapons officer, one purple astrometrics officer (I'll probably ditch the transwarp computer console), one green nurse.

I think what I'll do it ditch the omega torpedo for another fleet quantum then take my aft transphasics and put them on my mirror escort. I'm in the process of getting the regular and adapted Maco sets from the Omega reputation. I'll put the adapted set on the escort and the regular on a tactical science vessel. I'll use fleet deflectors, engines, warp core, and shields on the odyssey. I'm gonna get the fleet neutronium and rcs accelerator as soon as I can. I'm also going to switch the fleet emitter array for one that decreases threat generation rather than a 250% increase. Then I'll switch out aceton beam for engineering team or its trainable equivalent. (I've learned the value of engineering and science team abilities playing engineering and science officers)

As for getting a Vesta. I could but I'd rather not spend the 25 bucks for it. I was thinking one of the mirror science vessels I can get off the exchange.

One other question. Do console buffs stack? i.e. do two phaser relays stack together and essentially double the power?
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09-05-2013, 05:52 AM
Yes they stack.

This is why escorts can be so OP at times is bc they can stack 4 or 5 tac consoles (of the same weapon type they are using so phasers=relays) with no diminishing returns.

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