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Klingon Defense Force
Defenders of the Empire.

Mission Directives:

1. Engage the Federation in battle at every favorable opportunity.
2. Defend Ganalda station and The Fleets Advanced Space Station through Fleet action engagements.
3. Defeat the Borg at any opportunity.
4. Prevent the Federation from gaining advanced Borg technology in Ker'rat and other war zones.
5. Support the Empires efforts to maintain a treaty with the new Romulan Government through the Embassy.
6. Aid the Empires Dilithium and Deuterium mining Efforts in the sector and abroad.
7.Conduct your self as a true warrior, Defend your honor, your House, your fleet THE EMPIRE.


1. Inactive with no notice for 3 months. = dropped from fleet.
2. Don't be a jerk. a rude Klingon is fine, but a jerk just because is not.
3. You can check your overall contribution in the fleet roster.
4. If you have multiple characters in the fleet the overall contribution total for all characters on same account are combined.
5. Players found to be leeching will be demoted: (As representatives of the Fleet and the Empire this dishonorable action can not go unpunished.)
6. Conflict keeps us strong. Strength makes us Klingon.
7. Fleet leader can not have a seat on high council.
8. Players with alt char's Only the toon you choose as primary will get highest rank available to you. your alts will be one rank lower than your primary. but the choice is yours to make.

1. Leader of the House: filled from Fleet council when required.

2. Fleet High Council: seats are challenged for and/ or earned 1,500,001 in donations. (opens everything except rename fleet)

3. Fleet War Council: 500,000 in fleet donations
( opens. change officer comments, create fleet events and fleet supplies vault)

4. Fleet General: 200,000 in fleet donations
(opens Purple vault, Officer chat, demote lower rank, fleet wide mail, visitor invites and officer comments)

5. Fleet Captain : 100,000 in fleet donations
(opens Fleet stores and blue vault)

6. Fleet Commander: 50,000 in fleet donations
( opens green items vault )

7. Bekk: non fleet officer ranks this is where you start and work your way up the ranks.

for more information in-game mail @icsairguns

KDF- Warriors of the Empire Join the Klingon Defense Force E.E.S. Explore Strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and kill them! PM for info.

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