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09-05-2013, 01:53 PM
Your adapted Maco Set is not really doing much for you with no torpedoes. I would recommend that you switch to the Omega Shield and Deflector. (2 Piece bonus gives greater shield penetration) and go with the Romulan Engine (26.2% increase to attack patterns). Or if you want to make your ship more Tanky go with Maco or Borg.


You could put a torpedo in the front. I would go with the Romulan or Omega torpedo up front. I have been messing around with 2 torpedoes (Romluan and Omega) up front for STFs since you get a ton of unshielded targets like gates and transformers/probes etc. For some reason that I can't explain my Kling does crazy stupid dps with 2 torps up front. I have not gotten the same results with my feds and romulans. If you are going to go this way, get torpedo spread 3, it is fun watching 20 torpedos spread out of your of your ship when you have botht he Romulan and Omega torps up front.

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