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09-06-2013, 04:07 PM
Mission type 1, ground.

Step 1. Check computer/scan object.
Step 2. Check/scan 3 more.
Step 3. Check/scan final one.
Step 4. leave system.

Variations to that is random enemy beams in when step 1 is achieved.

Mission Type 2, ground.

Step 1. Kill 5 groups of random enemies.
Step 2. leave system.

Mission type 1, space.

Step 1. Scan 5 objects. (anomolies or random freighters)
Step 2. leave system.

Variations to that is random enemy is at each object.

Mission Type 2, space.

Step 1. kill 5 groups of random enemies patroling the same empty nothing there spot in space.
Step 2. Leave system.

I think that covers all of them.
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