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What do people think about reliving the first time the Borg Cube invaded the Federation, they could be called time capsule missions. Where you relive some of the greatest battles in Federation, Klingon, and Romulan history. I propose this as many say the endgame is stale, and yet the Star Trek Universe is vast so there really isn't any reason.
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09-08-2013, 01:24 PM
Content costs money and cryptic has issues balancing endgame. It is possible they have some stfs ready in concept but are too bugged to play
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09-08-2013, 01:40 PM
be kinda awkward running the first borg encounter with a liberated borg captain with a borg enhanced ship ......

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09-08-2013, 02:09 PM
The Battle Of Wolf 359 isn't a battle that can be DPS'd through or won at all. It was not written to BE a win-able battle.

The Borg had inside information thanks to the first encounter at J25. Then they assimilated Picard, and had HIS information. The Federation fleet was in a state of extended stand-down... having been at peace for far too long. Border-wars and the minor war with the Cardassians didn't pose much of a challenge and the Federation was arrogant.

As written it's a Pearl Harbor-type story -- a call to arms a wakeup call a kick in the balls. It can't be won, should NOT be won. Of all the battles this one should be left out.

Ones that should make the "historical simulator..."

1) Kirk vs Kahn/Kahn vs Kirk. Either PVE or PVP. Player is given a stock-standard Connie Refit or Miranda, dropped in a nebula and forced to fight with shields down and sensors crippled.

2) Kirk vs Chang: Stock-standard Connie-Refit vs a BOP that can fire torpedos when cloaked. Both PVE/PVP.

3) Defend DS9/Way Of The Warrior: Stock-standard Defiant VS a Klingon fleet at DS9. Can you hold them off long enough for the rest of the Fed fleet to arrive?

4) Sacrifice: Survive, break through the line and rush to DS9 before time runs out.

5) Chin'Toka-1: Stock standard Defiant in a PVE fleet-action. Survive and take out the weapons platforms

6) Chin'Toka-2: "Enter The Breen" -- a variation on the No Win Scenario. Eventually you WILL be hit with an energy disruptor and destroyed.

7) Yesterday's Enterprise: S-S Galaxy Retrofit vs three very powerful Klingon ships. Goal is to defend the E-C as she re-enters the timewarp. Again, a variation on the Now Win Scenario.

8) Echo-Papa/Return To Minos: Battle through wave after wave of increasingly powerful Echo-Papa drones, get an away team down to Minos and deactivate the Echo-Papa system once and for all. This can be done with a S-S ship or as a "new battle" with "modern" equipment and ships. Single player and team player versions.

I'd play the hell out of these "historical missions" for Marks, loot, and currency. Heck start a "historical reputation/lore reputation" based around these missions -- collect Lore Marks doing this, other Lore missions and the Path To 2409 trivia stuff.

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