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# 1 Test of Mettle
09-09-2013, 10:48 AM
I level my KDF toons outside the story line due to its easier and faster and it occurred to me at lv10, lv20, and lv30 I was not getting the "Promotion" missions to get my free ships like on the FED side.

I asked around for hours and no one had any idea why. Many thought it should just be under available missions. Some said, "Did you spend enough Skill Points?" All to which were not the answer. I tried searching the forum for an answer but that yieled no results.

I finally figured out that you MUST complete the mission "Test of Mettle". By doing this mission you get your free lv10 ship and all subsequent promotions and free ships.

There are a few things that pisses me off however. First, at level 10 this mission SHOULD but DOES NOT automatically pop up to be accepted that way you can do the mission and complete it. Second, no where is it stated that by NOT doing the mission you will NOT be granted all future promotions or free ships that you EARNED. Third, from the Episode Mission tab it should be clearly stated that this mission is your Lv.10 Promotion mission and it MUST be done in order to progress further through the ranks and IF you choose not to complete the mission YOU WILL NOT GET ANY PROMOTION MISSIONS FROM J'MPOK until it is completed.

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