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09-10-2013, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by kodachikuno View Post
Theres more logic to that than Id care to admit but considering those were Klingon made D-7 cruisers sold to the Romulans during their pre-warp era, allowing them access to warp drives, would any Romulan/Reman really WANT to fly one now? Then again what Romulan/Reman would really WANT to suckle Fed/Kling **** as a sub-faction... so nevrmind...
Considering we are flying around in a TOS bird-of-prey, I fail to see how using a D7 is anymore demeaning. I would actually like to see the D7 as a C-store T1 ship. Make it have the stats of a Miranda, but the standard (non-battle) cloak of a KDF cruiser.

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