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Originally Posted by wildweasal View Post
ok we get it LOR is popular we get it !!! TAC is popular we get it !! but now your saying hey guess what heres a new tac rom ship!!!! FFs seriously ??? enough devs!!! let it gooooo please enough already !!!!! can we please get some FED ships and Klingon ships....and not tac ones??? im talking new ships come on your killin us !! i know the dauntless is pretty much already done and you say the sim is a dread and the odd and the bortas are not dreads but flagships ok so seriously where is the klink dreadnaught and the rom flagship and the redone fed dreadnaught ??? really this was months ago !!! i said it once ill say it again just redo the model of the TYPHOON class 3 pack it and done !!! the klink dred might be a little more of a undertaking BUT UNDERTAKE IT!!! and where is the armor for cruisers ?? where is the double deflectors for sci ships ??? im sorry but i digress how about 1 freakin fed ship in the next few weeks and a klink ship in the next few weeks im fed but now i knwo how you klinks feel ENOUGH ALREADY !!!! oh and your freakin rom ship is DISSMISSED
Roms have less ships that klink or feds, when you don't count having them flying around in allied ships. Feds have cubic butt-ton of ships, and already have multiple science ones. Klinks may be able to complain, but as a fed you have absolutely no call for complain on this, you have a massive selection of ships (including science ones) already as compared to roms or klinks.
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09-10-2013, 09:12 PM
some of you are missing the point ...its not about punctuation or spelling its the internet almost nothing seems to be spelled right or has proper sentence structure....THE POINT is we need more fed ships and more klingon ships and more romulan ship that are NOT TAC centric if noting else do a round robin form now on FFS one kling ship then a fed ship then a rom ship
look for me in game as "Admiral Quinn" yeah that admiral quinn..and while your at it get off muh station!!!
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09-10-2013, 09:23 PM
OH NOES!!!! feds no have new shiny?

OH NOES!!! a fed crying for new shinys?

Please can i call you a WAHmbulance already?

First off its pretty obvious the devs like escorts...they really really REALLY like them they hug them and pet them and pat them and hug them and they call them george

The romulan republic has less ship then both feds and klinks and they need more so to atleast make them look like a stand alone faction...which they are not.

I do agree with the OP that enough tac crap already enough with the escorts there is a ton of them ingame already and every last one are way to over powered.

It would be refreshing to see the devs focus on making sci ships or cruisers for a change stop neglecting and nerfing everything sci give that profession some love.

But after all this is STAR TREK OFFLINE : Escorts R Us

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Yes, it is the Internet, where ideas have no more merit than the effort thier creator choses to invest in thier presentation and delivery.

If you want to have your idea viewed on its merits, take the minute or 2 to actually make it readable.
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i don't really like the new ship designs, aka won't care for this next addition.
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IMO the "weasal" needs to spew more expletive innuendos and run on sentences.

Perhaps then, her points will be decipherable by osmosis by those who really care about what is even being said.

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09-10-2013, 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by wildweasal View Post
THE POINT is we need more fed ships
That may be your point, but we disagree, feds have enough ships, Roms need more and after the roms the klinks..... the feds already have a massive ship selection, including quite a few sci vessels (20 available to them).

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Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
i don't really like the new ship designs, aka won't care for this next addition.
I agree i tested it on tribble and was not impressed at all no thanks i will stick to my Scimitar and fleet d'deridex.

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