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I have a blue shield distribution on the Exchange.
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Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
TL;DR - If you haven't really figured out who to put on your active Space DoFF roster, seriously just slot 3x Shield Distribution Officers and 2x Conn Officers.

Bad DoFFs
These DoFFs are either non-functional or come up against GCD issues or are just too... not right.
1. Damage Control Engineer.
2. Maintenance Engineer.
3. Deflector Officer. See rant above - they look really tempting, but you will be disappointed.

Probably Really Bad but I'm going to make a special build to see:
Technician (with chaining 2x Aux2Emergency Battery) + Photonic Studies Scientist (with Photonic Officer)

Questions? Comments? Notice something I didn't? Post here and I'll update!
I agree with the Conn officers, I use x2 blue for the tac team cooldown to 18 secs. I couldn't disagree more with the Maintenance Engineer being a bad doff, I use x2 blue for the Engi team cooldown to 18 secs and one Purple for the battery bonus (since I use weapon batteries and my Red core battery.

To me the shield distribution officers are marginal because they only proc after a brace for impact, brace for impact is on a fairly long cooldown compared to the Tac Team and Engi Teams coming up every 18 secs instead of 30 secs. And I would much rather have a guaranteed fresh engi team instead of the 50% chance of a 5.5 shield per facing heal that the shield distribution officer grants- but that is just me.

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