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Omg, Omg, Omg, a Romulan pwe-pwe TAC boat.

All sarcasm aside. really another Roumlain TAC ship. OK a so called " class" of boats that seams to be a bit TAC heavy to begin with ( how many little green crumpley fireworks shows have we had seen May of this year, be honest). War birds are either honky large monsters that won't hold together unless you really know what you are doing , or little itty-bittie target practice pop boats that are one torpedo hit away form a quick light show. Another boat with this same layout dose not help things. In the last day i have seen a few show up in the game . I have to say "no i won't buy it i have bought enough". The ones that were offered from the start were ones that either made sense story wise, or were ones that i wanted to use that were in the game from the get-go as NPC\S. What is offed with them dose not sweeten the sale neither. Some silly quad plasma cannons . No , i have tons of quad phase and disruptor tweet tweet cannons taking up space on ships that i don't use or in bank slots. I don't have need for any need for any more.They are just quads of a different flavor , and for dam sure not plasma.
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09-13-2013, 12:46 PM
It's a good ship. Not a great one, but a good one.

My analysis of said ship:

Relatively solid overall, with a good console layout and good base stats. There isn't really anything that makes the ship stand out, even with the gimmick console and the quad cannons. Her hull, turn and shields are equivalent to the Federation Patrol Escort/KDF Qin Heavy Raptor. Her inertia is fine, giving her quite good kicks when she needs it. She also has the Romulan BC which gives her great ambush potential, like most Romulan Warbirds. Appearance-wise, she's beautiful, like most of the new Romulan ships, and with the Reman skin, she's downright sexy.

As for her weapon layout, it's typical escort, so nothing new or amazing there. Her BOff layout is where things get a little wonky though. She only has an Ens Engineering BOff slot, which almost forces you to put your LtCmdr Universal to Engineering, just for survivability, OR put it to Sci and try to survive off of the weaker (but still very effective overall) HoTs.

Her combat capability is middle of the road. Not horribly impressive, but not really lacking. Her Tactical Slots, weapon layout, and BOff layout give her a playstyle (at least tactically) like most escorts, but you need to be careful what you put in the LtCmdr Universal.

My final assessment:

6/10. An aesthetically pleasing, balanced ship overall, but some glaring weaknesses that eclipse her strengths.

As Baudl said, there is no reason to switch to this ship from any of the other plethora of tactically heavy vessels. If I had this ship or my Ha'feh (freebie)/Mogai/Scimitar, I would stick with the Ha'feh/Mogai/Scimitar. There is no incentive really to use this.

As for the Cmdr version? Gold. Solid gold. A great alternative to the D'deridex, with a wonderful BOff and console layout, and great stats as well.
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09-13-2013, 03:39 PM
I give the the ship a solid 8/10 overall. I've been running the ship since yesterday, and I've been very satisfied with its performance just running run of the mill gears on it. The only drawback (and its not a big one to me) is the boff setup. I think the easiest way to fix that would be to make the lt science slot a universal slot as well. That way, you could have more diverse boff layouts with this ship. However, the boff layout isn't a game killer for me in anyway and I've done while well running engineering the universal slot. I'm awaiting the fleet version of this ship, and I hope that they add either a 5th tac console or a 3rd engineering console and make that boff layout change (though I doubt that'll happen). I think that would make this warbird standout from the others.
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09-13-2013, 04:13 PM
I dont understand the ship at all. It has destroyer size, inertia, and BOFF seating, with escort turn-rate and hull strength. Its too weak to be a destroyer like the Mogai, too ungainly to dogfight like the T'varo, and the Dhelan is better as an all-around escort. Seems like it was released because something had to carry the quad cannons.
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09-13-2013, 05:11 PM
Looking over the base stats, it is an escort-ish ship at T4. People were whineing and complaining about the D'Deridex as being too slow and clumsy. The programers solved that little complaint with this ship. I'm not upset at having another ship if only for more variety of ship flying around.
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09-13-2013, 08:02 PM
I am confused I got the ar'kif tactical warbird retrofit and I am missing the Quad Plasma Cannons, when I am looking at my status (my fore and aft weapons)? they aren't listed?
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09-13-2013, 08:41 PM
For me it's a good fit not too slow but strong enough to take a few hits and it has a reasonably good looking model to boot.

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09-13-2013, 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by chrystofer10 View Post
I am confused I got the ar'kif tactical warbird retrofit and I am missing the Quad Plasma Cannons, when I am looking at my status (my fore and aft weapons)? they aren't listed?
You need to buy the Ar'Kala for the quad cannons.
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09-13-2013, 09:26 PM
I guess I will just reiterate what many have said here.

This ship LOOKS good on pure appearance and seems to be what we had wished the D'Deridex was from the onset.

As far as the performance though... It has a lot of Competition that outshines it. The Valor, especially the Fleet one, the Fleet Dhelan, the Fleet T'Varo, and the Vet ship all are superior to this ship.

Losing subsystem power is harsh on Romulans so if you want to use Annihilator mode you are really weakening your already flimsy tank. Taking away your Singularity Powers to use the beam further aggravates this problem and in PvP the chances of keeping a target in line with that beam are slim to none. In PvE the beam is decent but it is not going to be enough to really make the ship better than the others listed.

Quad Cannons are also a big problem because they suck down too much energy and destroy your engine power which ultimate slows you down and makes you turn worse which is extremely unwanted on this ship.

So basically... It looks beautiful and has a decent layout but its tricks are not that great and if you do not want those then there are a lot of other options which are blatantly superior.
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09-13-2013, 09:39 PM
I picked up the ship, I've only tested her a bit in PVE and am satisfied with her.

But then I don't find the Mogai or Dhelan attractive at all, so have just been usind the Fleet T'varo. I also picked up the scimitar 3-pack which I am still coming to terms with.

This new ship I find very appealing as an alternate to my T'varo.

Next to the D'D which is beautiful but unplayable, and the T'varo which is the perfect little Romulan hot rod, I think this new ship is the most visually appealing. Same console choices as the Advanced Escort is fine with me.

My only complaint at all is that if she is the tactical Warbird, what does that make l the other?

I would have perfered something more along the lines of Klingon battle Cruiser with a Romulan twist.

But perhaps at some point we will get a Romulan companion to the Kamarang, as a science battle cruiser would be sufficiently Romulan.

At any rate I am sure I will enjoy her.
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