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09-15-2013, 12:33 PM
Should subsystem targetting be included? Both the boff ability and inherent with sci ships variants. Taking out engines and shields is rather useful. I love to hit engines on enemies that are in my tyken's rift. Then as they start moving use the tractor beam, etc. not shared cooldowns but similar effect = very helpful.

I don't see Boarding Parties and Marauders (unique to the Marauder flight deck cruiser), but they're basically the same as Viral Matrix.

Also, I think you might want to tweak the wording or give some definitions because new players might be very confused trying to figure out the differences between your four classes. Typically controls are broken into:

Hard: prevent actions from being taken

Soft: prevent or limit movement, debuff actions, debuff defenses

For example, a hard control in STO ship combat would be Viral Matrix or Boarding Party or weapons subsystem targetting or a tachyon torpedo.

a soft control would be energy syphon weakening weapon damage, or warp plasma used as an immobilize (called "root" in some other games).

Linking to the Wiki pages for each power might be a good idea too.

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