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All was working fine until the last patch and then suddenly I noticed a huge drop in FPS so I went into the graphics settings to discover that if i keep AA at any stage 2x, 4x or 8x. It causes my shadows to drop to medium/low and greys out certain options such as underwater view - when hovering over them it says "this option is not available with this CPU/GPU etc".

I am using a MSI GT70 2OC laptop with an i7 4700 and a 3gb GTX770M on windows 7 64bit using 16GB RAM - this was never a problem before - not sure what is going on - the game no longer runs smoothly...

I have also checked all optimus settings - the game is running on the Nvidia card - not the integrated intel HD card.

I am also using the latest beta drivers from nvidia - 326.80

Anyone else have the same issue/know a work around this issue?

In game: @vividh

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