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The 22nd Expeditionary Fleet stands at the fore front of the Federation military force. The men and women of the 22nd are bound by a vow of honor and courage and the overall duty to protect the Federation from all threats foreign and domestic. The 22nd accomplishes this through military readiness: all members are equipped and trained to meet any challenge that may arise.

In the 22nd you will be among friends and comrades in arms. We support every member and learn from one another. Our common goal is to better each other and the fleet, and have some good ol' fun playing STO.

The 22nd Expeditionary Fleet is looking to recruit new members to our ranks. We are a very new fleet with a few vets of the game who can help new and old STO players alike. We have several leadership positions open if that tickles your fancy, but if not, just have some fun with us!

We are currently have a Tier I Starbase and are at Fleet Level 3, but we're building quickly! Since we are in the process of building up our Starbase there will be no shortage of ways to turn in Fleet Marks or other items for credits, and there is currently a surplus of fleet ship provisions!

There are no special rules that members of the 22nd Expeditionary Fleet must follow other than make good company with your comrades in arms. No ship limitations, no race limitations and no weapon limitations in this fleet.

We also expect to have forums for the fleet up within the next week to add another social aspect to our fleet!

If you're interested respond to this thread, private message me, or contact me online asdlfef@asdlfef.

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