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I wanted to get some more ideas bouncing around before the ship is released in the hopes that the Devs pick them up and implement them.

I originally suggested in another post that the name of this ship should be the Talvath or Apnex. Since Talvath was given to one of the temporal ships, I guess that means Apnex will likely be the name for the ship class Any other ideas?

BOFF Slots: T3: Lt. Cdr Sci, Lt. Eng, Lt. Tac, Ens Sci; T5 Cdr Sci, Lt. Cdr Sci, Lt. Eng, Lt. Tac, Ens Eng
Consoles: T3: 1 Tac, 1 Eng, 3 Sci; T5 refit: 2 Tac, 3 Eng, 4 Sci (Fleet: 2 Tac, 4 Eng, 4 Sci)
I had a well detailed set of stats for T5, but they were on my Laptop which is currently busted.

Special abilities or console
Since it will be a science ship, it goes without saying that target subsystems will be part of the package.

The cloak is a more interesting question. Should it be a standard cloak, or a battlecloak? in "The Next Phase" (TNG), the ship was being used as a testbed for an Interphase Generator. The story was that it phased the ship when it was cloaked so that the ship could move through objects. Should the ship have the power to move through other ships and terrain while cloaked? That could certainly be a console power, possibly for the T5 version. The question being that it can only be used on the Science ship or on all Romulan ships?

The Romulans in the episode repaid the Enterprise by initiating a Muon Feedback Wave. This would cause the Warp engines to explode if the ship went to warp. I could see this being another console power, but how to encapsulate it? My recommendation is that it cause a plasma-like burn where damage over time is some combination (addition or multiplication) of engine power and impulse speed. This could be the T3 power, and could the console be used on all Romulan ships or just the Science ship?

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