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# 1 The 9th Tactical Fleet
09-17-2013, 10:15 AM
We're looking for a few good players.
Looking for an active, mature fleet?. The 9th Tactical is recruiting players who want to join a casual laid back community in pursuit of continuing the evasion of real life in federation cyber space. We are group of active players, a good number of which are military or ex=military in rl, that do daily events, PvP, leveling help, daily STF's, etc. We offer a good mix of information from long time players in order to get new players up to speed or older players to fine tune as they wish. We don't force participation in any events, no dues or other silliness, just play and enjoy the company. We also have a very open fleet store that isn't used to gear up a few people. Visit the fleet website http://9thtacticalfleet.guildlaunch.com/
Or Send an ingame email to Will@William-masters for more info or invite.
*Note there are a couple of questions I will have to ask but they are not interview questions just some stuff I have to ask...*

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