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If you enter a price higher than 16,777,216 EC, the Exchange interface will round it when you post the item for sale. In the examples below, the original price I entered is on the left and the price to which it was rounded is on the right.

16,777,216 -> 16,777,216
16,777,217 -> 16,777,218
16,777,218 -> 16,777,218
16,777,219 -> 16,777,220
16,777,220 -> 16,777,220

This leads me to believe that Exchange prices are represented as 32-bit floating-point numbers. I don't know whether floats are used just for the UI or whether the prices are stored as floats as well.
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09-18-2013, 01:10 PM
Does it really matter...?

The exchange as it is is a poorly coded element of the game at best. The filters are laughable and ineffective, searching only for exact words rather than variables using Regular Expressions and best-bet results.

Apart from that, inflation makes anything in the last 3 numbers of any value a decimal (to me, anything that costs 100,000 EC is the equivalent of 100 points, 200,000 = 200 Points, 200,111 = 200 points).

The exchange has needed a re-work of the code since day one, and this was even admitted by a dev at one point (saying something like "the exchange code is a mess... would probably be easier to just re-do the exchange, rather than fixing it).

A minor issue like this really dosen't make that much of a difference.
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09-18-2013, 01:18 PM
Happened to me, but crying over chump change isn't worth it.

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