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So, from what I've understood, the problem in current PvP is the overabundance of resistances that make people hard to scratch in the first place, extremely potent crosshealing which makes said scratches disappear in a heartbeat and the chaining of EptX-powers that augments both.

I've been twiddling with an idea in my head which would reduce the potency of all three without really rendering any of them useful.

First, Resistance stacking. Currently you can pump up your resistances to ridiculous levels when under fire with various Captain/Boff/Console/Device abilities. So, one way to fix that without affecting the base resistances and to encourage smart use of your cooldowns would be to double or triple the diminishing returns on short-duration resistance (both shield and hull) buffs. So you'd be able to pop one or two without really wasting a cooldown, but any more than that, and it becomes a waste. It would also make the choice in captain skills (Should I allocate more points to Hull Plating/Armor Reinforcements for increased survivability) and consoles (Should I slot these armor consoles for more res or slap Universals there for more deeps/utility) more of a balanced decision.

Second, Crosshealing. Tied to resistances, the current enviroment that apparently requires the BO-stacking etc stems also from the strength of healing from multiple sources. Even one or two Science Ships can make a HUGE difference when it comes to keeping someone alive. So. Nerf all heals that are castable on a friendly target (TSS, HE, A2SIF, TT/ET/ST etc) by 20%, while adding a modifier "increases efficiency by 20% when cast on self". Also, to prevent people from countering this by just adding more heals, add a DR to them. Something like "For each copy of *insertabilityhere* active on target, the efficiency is reduced by 10%". That way smart use of self-heals would be encouraged, and dedicated heal-boats would still have a place because of the higher output thanks to science consoles etc.

Third, the EPtX-chaining. While I understand that it is unwise to make a On&Off mechanic to the EPtX-abilities, there should be SOME thought involved in their use. So how about each of them applying a stacking debuff with 30 second duration that refreshes itself whenever an EPtX is activated, with the effect of something like "Reduces the effectiveness of EPtX-abilities by 15% per stack" and just boost the base effect of the abilities by that 15% so that you can have 2 powers running at the same time, but chaining them becomes increasingly less useful. That would encourage smart usage of said powers, instead of just spamming them, you'd be using them in like, you know, emergencies. And it wouldn't be an on/off effect either, since it would involve a risk/reward decision whether you let the buff stack further (after all, sometimes little help is all you need) or let the buff fall off so you have a fresh use the next time you need it.

Of course, the numbers I presented are just guesstimates made for example purposes, so don't get attached to them. It's the ideas that matter. Could this work?
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09-19-2013, 03:18 PM
if EPtX skills weren't cycleable and 2 versions stack able, every ship with an abundance of eng would be unusably bad.
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09-20-2013, 05:37 AM
Escorts would resort to only hit and run tactics like Romulans and klingons while cruisers and science ships would just be floating targets for their massive spike.

It already takes a ton of resists to not die under a spike alpha strike and you want to give them a bigger Window of opportunity.

What you're looking to nerf is teamwork. The single most OP stat in the game.
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09-20-2013, 05:53 AM
dontdrunkimshoot: Engineering-heavy ships are already in a major disadvantage as it is, and nerfing EPtX-powers would have a major effect on escorts as it would curb the overuse of EPtS/EPtE, both which are considered borderline necessary at the moment from what I've seen. Also, at their current state, using EPtX-powers requires no thought. It's just spam.

Edalgo: A lot of complaints I've seen are directed to the fact that people won't die. To quote an user whose name currently escapes me, "It's PVP, someone has to die". The changes I suggested would encourage smart play, since hit&running IS what escorts are supposed to do, their firepower should come at a cost to survivability, and managing to lock down an escort after it delivers its alpha would be much more devastating to it. Science Ships would still have the strongest shields and best heals, thus making THEM harder to kill, and cruisers... well, cruisers are effed up one way or the other. Teamwork would still be there, but it would be more than just brainless healspamming. You'd have to think who you heal and when, who heals who and how etc.

Or is a deeper, more decision-based and reaction-based PvP bad?
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09-20-2013, 07:27 AM
Escorts are tanky bc they have a high defense rating.

Science ships and cruisers cannot maintain that defense for survivability. Even with a shield mod of 1.45 if you don't have a EPTS and a TSS your shields will drop and that hotshot escort will kill you. The way people have increased their dps over the last 3 seasons all they need in 3 to 8 seconds to kill. You're nerfing low level eng abilities when there's already a shortage of compatible eng abilities... See Galaxy beef thread.

You say this is about encouraging smart play. Well an EPTS alone will not save you but if your Team throws you their heals when you're in trouble and you do the same when they are in trouble then it'll be very difficult to kill you. That's smart play.

Also if you see your target has he majority of his defensive buffs up then it's smart NOT to buff up and attack but wait in between their TTs, TSS, RSP etc...

Sounds to me that you need to upgrade your build and more importantly your tactics. PvP is already a fast paced decision and reaction based game.

Everyone in this game dies at one point or another. No one can withstand a coordinated attack by themselves. Most escorts if pugging will run, others tank with the support of their team. Their team throws heals and counter strike the attackers.

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