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# 1 Please FIX Nimbus III quests
09-20-2013, 12:39 PM
I can't tell you how frustrating it is that these simple little bugs plague nimbus. I've reported them and I'm sure that hundreds of other people have reported them. These fixes cannot be that hard. Please fix this INSTEAD of giving us more ways to spend ZEN.

If you still don't know there are two quests that are bugged:

Orion contraband - one of the containers at location 629 4 1378 is bugged. When this container is in your list to be inspected, you don't get credit once you interact with it and therefore the mission fails. I've tried to grab this first, last, and every incarnation in between and it doesn't make a difference.

Creatures of the Desert - this one is annoying as well. There is something that causes your beacon to STOP spawning creatures. Today, I had 9 seconds left with 39 dead. All I needed was one more for max reward and they stopped spawning. I think it has to do with other players either interacting with your event or starting their own. Also, there are times when the creatures are spawned from the start and there is no way to interact with the beacon. It's like they are out of sync.

Please, please, please, please fix this. It is a daily annoyance I'm sure to hundreds if not thousands of people.

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