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09-22-2013, 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by johankreig View Post
Again, I am on the othersie of the fence and love the Quads, I have not noticed any issues from engine power lowering, when I am using cannons i am usualy slowely progressing towards the target or joggeling back and forth to keep my defence up, I have my weapons ramped to max anyway, and the set effect gives a noticable boost to plasma, I run with DC rather than DCH, not a fan of them as there power loss dosnt give you much more than standard, faster fiering DC.

(once again, sits back and await's the abuse foir A: liking quad cannons, B: using a tactic that others think is stupid and pointless, and C: for comments on DHCs and saying something negative about them, starting to see a theme regarding people on this forum, some dont like people going away from the 'prescribed techniques')
Here. Let people flame this.

Beam Arrays are for science ships and only science ships. Oh, and carriers. If they have TSS1.

Dual Beams are for cruisers that don't wish to use ANY weapon modifiers. For instance a CC heavy cruiser may be using EWP and Chronitons. Or escorts that wish to use BO.

Cannons and Dual Cannons are for cruisers that wish to use DEM. Quad Cannons get the largest boost from DEM.

Dual Heavies are for Escorts.

Cruisers should never waste Tac slots modifying energy weapons. That's what DEM is for. They should save those slots for Torps or Mines.

Keep in mind there are hybrids out there. So before some twit comes along and says...LOL I use BO on my Wells...blah blah blah. Yah no kidding. Here's a cookie.

EDIT: Some mechanics don't work well with others. DEM is applied to each shot. So the weapon with the highest ROF get's the best effect. CRF increases ROF, but it doesn't compress the CD, so weapons with the highest ROF get the worst effect. Beam arrays just never get good. Ever. Dual Beams are the best when there's no modifications and for Beam Overload. (You'll never see BO as a serious option in PVE though.) And why this is so is because of torpedoes and mines. The way you use torpedoes and mines has a greater impact on how you use energy weapons than vice versa. Because you USE torpedoes and mines you don't ignore them. So sure, in a game without torpedoes and mines beam arrays might have a place on a cruiser. Call me when that happens.

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09-23-2013, 07:10 AM
Question for people who have both the Ar'kala and the Ar'kif retrofit. Does the latter have the former's skin for ship customisation purposes? EDIT Reason why i'm asking is because they didn't have this on tribble when I tested it and whoever's written up the sto wiki page for the Ar'kif hasn't included the Ar'kala in the variant skin section.
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09-23-2013, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
Question for people who have both the Ar'kala and the Ar'kif retrofit. Does the latter have the former's skin for ship customisation purposes? EDIT Reason why i'm asking is because they didn't have this on tribble when I tested it and whoever's written up the sto wiki page for the Ar'kif hasn't included the Ar'kala in the variant skin section.
Yes both skins are available for the T5 ship.
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09-25-2013, 06:23 AM
I got the ar'kif/ar'kala at t4 (commander rank?) as an alternative to using the D'deridex. I love the design of the tactical warbirds and the fact that they're "republic-made" instead of ex-imperial ships.

When I got to subadmiral 1, I chose to continue using my ar'kif instead of upgrading to the ha'apax/ha'nom/ha'feh, since none of those ships looked good to me. Really the only difference between my t4 ar'kif and the t5 ha'feh was that the ar'kif had one less rear weapon slot, less hull, no singularity overcharge ability, and had the universal lieutenant slot instead of a lieutenant commander tactical. The ha'feh also has an extra engineer console. The ar'kif has been working well for me even as a low tier ship for the content i'm doing.

Yesterday, at subadmiral 2 (rank 47), I decided to switch all of my gear over to the ha'feh I had purchased with my free ship unlock token, just to try it out. I did my traelus system daily mission with the ha'feh, and noticed something interesting...

Despite being a higher tier ship with more weapon slots, an extra singularity ability, and more tactical options, it took probably 25-30% longer for me to dispatch the enemy vessels on that mission than it would have taken in my ar'kif.

Statistically, there's no reason that I should have killed the enemies any slower, but the difference was not negligible - my ar'kif tore through those ships in seconds, while my ha'feh struggled with them.
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I agree with this last statement, my Arkif is a beast even if it does only have 9 consoles. And i have every Romulan ship available, all at fleet level where possible. Its just a really fun ship if you have good plasma gear and the 2 set bonus for the console and quads is really good.

For those that aren't clear it gives 10% extra plasma damage and +30 in energy weapon specialisation, which is one of the last tier skills available on the skills table which improves your crits.
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the fleet version of this ship has been confirmed, thanks to the tooltip of its console on tribble. so, wait till season 8 for it imagine. they want it and the other confirmed fleet ships, altrox karfi, and vet ships all part of the season 8 package.
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Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
Well they did need to get out the Plasma Quad Cannons from somewhere. Everyone was asking for them. However, Quads on Romulan Ships are a bit rougher than they are on normal ships were they are still hard to justify most of the time.

I agree with you and also disagree with you.

What I agree is that if you cannot handle a ship and what it can do then even if it is awesome it does not matter. The Scimitar is a prime example. To someone who get get every last drop of Over Powered Greatness from that ship it blows EVERYTHING else out space. However, it takes a very particular set of captaining skills to do that and if you do not have them then it will NOT come across feeling very powerful at all to you. You might do a lot better in something like a Cruiser if that is your thing.

HOWEVER, I disagree with the idea that there is no way to compare ships. When you make ship comparisons you must assume that the Captain in question can handle the ship and use it to its fullest. With that assumption made then you can look at what each ship can do in terms of turn rate, shield modifier, hull strength, weapon slots, console slots, BOFF seating, power levels, and all special powers and determine which ships are better than which others and there are clear and definitive measures to back this up.

This ship does NOT measure up well to what we already have access to. In terms of its stats and actual capabilities it is not that great. That means if you take someone who can Captain her perfectly and pit her against a Fleet Dhelan with a similarly competent Captain then the Fleet Dhelan would win every time hands down due to its superior stats and performance. This same sort of analysis applies to EVERYTHING in life but you MUST remove the randomness of the human element when trying to make any comparison otherwise there are far too many confounding factors.

Also: I am not saying you cannot fly this thing. It is not going to go away. I really do not care rather you prefer it or not. The question was asked what our opinion of this Warbird was. I gave mine and since have backed it up with a bit more details and facts. However, the more I back it up the less of an opinion it becomes and the more of an objective statement we are reaching. All I care to do is in this case is inform others how it stacks up compared to its competition so that those who are considering buying it are armed with a few more facts with which to make their final decision.
Agree strongly with this post. Having played all kinds of ships, I find my Vesta to be my preferred ship on Fed and T'varo on Rom. Even if you gave me a bug ship today fully outfitted, I would probably not be able to do much it. Too much twitch action.

You have to find the ship and build that fits you and stick with it. The other ones can be for ****s and giggles.

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