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# 1 PvP Queues Bugged
09-23-2013, 12:33 PM
There is an ongoing problem with all of the PvP queues. They show a minimum quantity to start the match yet much smaller quantities are consistently launched. There have been many 2v2s 3v3s, 4v4s. For Capture and hold the quantity should be 12 or 16 I believe, yet, I can't remember the last time there were that many players actually in the match. It's usually 4v4, 3v3 etc. Same thing happens for Arena, 3v3, 4v4. I can't believe this many people are being DC'd in the time period between accepting and starting the match.
The queues should not start the match at all unless the total number of minimum players is met. This is not functioning as intended.
Also, If an entire team leaves the match in the middle of it, the match does not end as it should. We're stuck with no rewards and left to warp out on our own. The match should end by forfit with the remaining team winning by default. Credit towards dailies should be given.

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