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  • Our special Crystalline Entity Event returns at 10AM PDT!
    • More details about this event will be posted on the site tomorrow morning when it starts.
  • Lobi is now bind on account!
    • Lobi can now be traded between all characters on an existing account through the account bank.
    • Lobi cannot be traded to other players or placed on the exchange.
    • This change will work on all existing Lobi you're already collected as well as all future earned Lobi.
    • The Lobi tutorial that would reward a single Lobi is now once per account
  • The Summer Event Store Unlock project can now be cancelled.
    • No rewards will be earned or returned upon cancelling the project.


  • Resolved an issue where the values of the guild projects would be incorrect on the viewer's fleet if another person's fleet was recently viewed.
  • Adjusted window sizes to fit EBS (Emergency Broadcast System; displays maintenance notices) messages.

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