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09-25-2013, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by millybun View Post
Thank ya'll so much for the kind comments, it was pretty shocking to me that my image won when I read it @_@

There were a bunch of other images I thought would have done just as well, but I have to admit I'm glad to see mine win after all the hours spent trying to find a good position in real time with my two friends, who I also thank for helping me out and putting up with me for a good portion of a day (and night, and early morning...>_>) flying around in a bunch of Connies, heh.

As I mentioned in the "New Wallpaper Available" topic, I thank those at Cryptic/PWE for the game, for letting me play with gorgeous ships like the Connie (tier 5, please? >_>), and for having this contest! Would love to see this happen more to see what comes out of it =)

Demorecord is part of the game, no editting happened beyond moving the camera around, and was happy to find the /renderscale command worked since I'm a slightly smaller resolution at 1920x1080. I did mention in the submission topic how and what I did, and used no outside programs or tools to edit the image.

Demorecord's really the only way to get the kind of dynamic camera angles for shots like this when you're trying to get more than one subject in an image. I could have stuck with the camera focused on myself, the Exeter, but then I'd have had to have zoomed out to get everyone in it, and the shot would be too enlarged covering empty space on the right, top, and bottom of the image uselessly.

Your image, doubleohnine, was one of the ones I personally enjoyed, I do wish they'd fix the camera zoom back to how it was >_< I like how you got it timed with the navigational lights flashing on the hull, I try to do the same with my pics which is how I end up with a screenshot folder packed full of the same image trying to get it timed right >_O
While mine is using a camera angle no longer available, it WAS a legit camera angle and pure screen shot at one time. Ive seen what demo record can do after watching tons of STOked, and had I known I was up against that tool, I wouldn't have bothered entering. I never got around to using it myself. Yours is a nice photo too.

Mine was early in my Starfleet career. My STO screenshots are still my screen saver. That's my first Excelsior class ship when my first captain was first commanding it. Hitting PrintScreen the moment I did and getting the lights to go off was dumb luck. After seeing I could catch that, Ive tried to replicate it since and its hard to time it when you're actually trying. I had just got my upgraded graphics card, but my bloom setting was a little too high back then. But it works in that shot lit up by a sun, which was actually me passing under a sector space solar system. And the one thing that bugs me is you can see a small ship out in the distance of sector space, kinda killing the tv show illusion that you'd never see another ship seemingly standing still out there as you yourself was at warp.
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