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09-26-2013, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
they are only better because the game is leaning so much towards the dmg side of gameplay that everything else is secondary (not even)
if tanking would be essential in this game and there were some more engi boff powers to boost dmg, those ships would be gold too.

however, as it is now to call the excelsior and ambassador "better" is fitting, but because the gameplay is so much focused on tac powers.

imagine engi boff powers would be as effective at destroying stuff as tac powers...then those ships would be the best cruisers you can get.
hmmm,.. The the Excelsior is on the more on the Dmg side of gameplay (4 tac consoles), but whats make it better is it Tactical Lt. Commander Boff Station, though it does need a Universal Ensign Boff station to replace the 3rd eng boff ensign station so it can have more flexibility but then again it won't suffer from chronic boff Eng ability CD problems due to the fact that the Excelsior have less boff Eng abilties than the Galaxy.

the other hand the Fleet Support Cruiser is a primary example how an average Fed Fleet cruisers should be, with average fiirepower (3 tac consoles) a Universal Boff Station it can be as adaptive as any Romulan/Lock Box ship.

They do have a Eng to boost damage it call Emergency Power to Weapons, but using it will force u not to use Emergency Power to Shields due to universal EPtX CD, also using EPtW is a risk of do u want more firepower over the ability to survive, but with only 2 Tac Consoles on the Galaxy using EPtW would not change much on ur Galaxies offense to make any difference and make ur ship defense much weaker... either way in PvP u would most likely die with the galaxy doing very little.

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