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While it can be argued that we can simply use the hangar pets of our allied factions (which is only partly true, any of the ship-specific pets cannot be used, and frigates cannot be used by romulan carriers either), we're still short on faction specific hangar craft compared to the kdf and romulan carrier options.

Right now we've got drone ships - only usable on the scimitar - and scorpion fighters. I run a romulan ship, not a reman ship, which leaves me with no real options for snubcraft.

Here's what I'd like to see added:

1. Tiercel Shuttles
Model already in-game, used as a small craft for the romulan story arc. The tiercel would be equivalent to the smaller shuttles available to the federation or kdf - something similar to the type 9 or to'duj, perhaps; low hull strength, but high speed and defense with a single plasma beam array.

2. Shrike Runabouts
Also already ingame and used as a small craft, the shrike runabout is a larger craft than the tiercel. This should be on par with the federation danube runabout hangar pets - meaning a plasma beam array (or perhaps a dual beam bank? shuttle edition), plasma torpedo launcher, and a special ability like the tractor beam to provide it with some utility. Since the small craft version of the shrike already has quantum absorbtion, and hangar pets seem to have issues with survivability, perhaps that would be a good choice - something allowing it to keep itself alive through burst heals.

3. Singularity Drones
As an equivalent to shield repair or hull repair drones, the idea here is to have a hangar craft that helps, somehow, with your singularity systems. There's a few interesting options open:

-The drones could amplify any singularity ability you use. For example, when you use plasma shockwave, perhaps smaller shockwaves could emanate from the drones (and if you have them set to attack, they'd be off swarming around an enemy ship, allowing you to hit that target with the mini shockwaves even if your own ship is out of range).

-The drones could increase singularity charge rate, and perhaps allow you to retain some of your singularity charge (i.e. not lose any to drain) when out of combat. If each wing had 2 drones, and you could have up to 4 drones out on the ar'kif, you'd be able to retain maybe 4 charges of singularity level out of combat. The scimitar, using two hangars for this, would be able to keep a full singularity charge.

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