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Thanks for all the comments guys. I really appreciate it.

Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
I never knew of this before. Their music really is quite amazing, and yet some of their pieces still fit Star Trek quite well.

And after reading your post, I went digging, and I found this one!! After 7 seasons of focusing on a special starship taskforce, I wanted to something about MACOs in LoR. For The Win really fits to the T; I can imagine the scenes were you introduce the members of the MACO squad, and the Yamato bridge crew, then alternate between diplomatic escort missions, and ground combat. And with that dramatic pause in the chorus, enough for a bullet time shot of Yuung doing his trademark tac-&-doff-buffed Lunge.

I'm so inspired right now!
For The Win is an amazing piece. I used it for my New Romulus video last year.

You want to try listening to their music when eating a slice of toast or having a bowl of cornflakes in the morning for the most epic breakfast of your life. Going to a 9 to 5 job after listening to that just doesn't cut it, when what you want to do is run outside and save the world by slaying a thousand dragons with your bare fists.

Seriously though, I listen to pieces of their music and it inspires me to make more videos. As you say, there are some pieces that invoke certain images. For me, it can be a particular feature episode series, or an idea that comes to mind that I can create with The Foundry and commit to video. Be warned, it can be addictive and very time consuming, but there are certain ideas you get that you won't be able to leave until you fully realize it with a new video.

I really hope that other people start doing the same, and making their own videos. I think the developers would probably like to see more of it too.

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