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09-23-2013, 09:34 PM
I agree that although a nice idea, a Challenge would not be the best way to go about this. It would get the community of STO as a whole to look at it, but, I agree that it isn't perhaps what would be the continuation of H20rats vision.

I think it would be best if interested authors pooled ideas and talents to make and publish a finale that mimics even h20rats formatting (down to the objectives style). A single mission (or multiple if the interest is there but I advise against it) that gives players a solid ending and a completion of the experience.

And, while I have the Feeling Kirkfat's suggestion of Dev's taking their game time to make one themselves is more or less of the focus to get them to try and use the tool we do (and therefore get fixes) If I recall correctly it was this mission, or another by a Dev, which finally got us invulnerable NPC Contacts so missions wouldn't break.

I think it would be amazing if his friends and colleagues got down and into the foundry to make the conclusion, but recognize that it could be asking too much beyond what they do on a daily basis. The work will most likely fall to us interested here in the Community.
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09-23-2013, 11:00 PM
Just out of curiosity but could a dev look into his account to see if he has any projects started with part 2 so that the community has a direction to take this story but to make this mission have his hands directly in it.

When we look at earth final conflict, the pilot was written by Gene Roddenberry himself even though it was made well after his death it was still his work.
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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
We're gonna do some brainstorming on this week's Foundry Roundtable. I think you had a good idea when you posted that it could be the next challenge topic.
I'm just a STO player that came here around 3 years ago at the behest of a friend who knew I had grown up with Star Trek. I've seen every episode of every Star Trek platform made, and yet I'm likely not what one would consider the consummate "Trekkie".

Star Trek, thanks to Gene Roddenberry, created a dream, a vision, and a future that one can see coming to pass even in our own lifetimes and I for one would be honored, privileged, and thrilled to just one time set foot upon the deck of an actual Federation Starship before I pass. Sadly, it's likely I will never see that day, however, STO has been the chance to dream and, while I'm not a Foundry author, I do appreciate the efforts of those who make it come to life within STO. Mark "h2orat" Valentine was one such dream maker that gave me that chance.

For what it's worth, I believe that the Developers should take on completing his work and in a grand epic form that would make those in the movie industry envious. Do it. Don't make it short or based in someones impatience for garnering a rank or wealth for the next upgrade in rank or capability. Make it something to treasure in ones own heart, a true memorial for a fallen comrade. Bring his spirit back to life and make sure those who play through in the next episode(s) and conclusion know what it's all about.
"The Mark Valentine Memorial"

"At the end of their watch each Captain enters the undiscovered country. We honor those who have gone before and, with passion and dedication, charted our course through the stars."

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