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# 1 Emerald Raptors (secondary)
09-30-2013, 06:19 AM
There is a Primary Thread over in the Romulan Recruitment, but then I figure most KDF players will come to the KDF section of the forums (makes sense).

Still, Emerald Raptors is a KDF-aligned Fleet, and as such I felt it my duty to recruit here too (as we're recruiting for KDF & RRF). Either way, We're around the point at which the Tier #1 Upgrade Projects are coming through (for the Starbase, and the Dilithium Mine). We're holding off on the Embassy or any Special Projects (Dilithium Cosmetics) until the Mine has been completed (thus reducing costs across the fleet).

I know this isn't going to be acceptable for everyone; it's no secret that fleet progression takes significant time to achieve, but it is my hope that with enough core members and a strong social community this fleet will thrive to one day join the others that have reached the top tiers.

If interested, feel free to search the fleet out through the fleet list, or alternatively, drop your character name and @handle in here and I'll send you an invitation.
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Posts: 4,451
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12-01-2013, 06:03 AM

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