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# 1 (How to start a) New Fleet?
09-30-2013, 04:44 AM
Hey not sure i posted this in the right place..

I have Been on STO for a while and I am looking to Start up my own Fleet on Federation Side

Dose anyone have any good advice on how i can Do this..
I do have a Gold account so that isn't an issue

I know Setting up a fleet can Be expensive but i would really like to try and have one

if you have advice or can assist me it would be most Welcome

Thank you
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09-30-2013, 05:07 AM
I'm three (or four) weeks in to my own Romulan (KDF Aligned) Fleet. We're a total of 16 members at last count (earlier today) and we've only just reached the Tier #1 Upgrade Projects (for the Starbase & Dilithium Mine; we're waiting on the Embassy and Special Projects until the Refinery is complete, thus reducing overall Dilithium costs).

I would say though that the majority of those contributions has been me. I've got over 500k Fleet Credits from it, I think a couple of others (two or three) have hit around the 200k mark.

Starting your own fleet is a tedious job, especially now (that there are Tier #4 and Tier #5 Fleets already out there). Most players are more concerned with what Tier a new fleet is, rather than what it stands for, thus you might find it a struggle to recruit.

I do however wish you the best of luck.

PS: Make sure you've got a good stash of Dilithium & Fleet Marks; you're going to be the one making those contributions.

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# 3
09-30-2013, 05:27 AM
It helps to have a good group of friends who want to start the fleet with you. They will be more dedicated toward building the fleet in its initial stages than any four random players you bribe to help you form.
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09-30-2013, 05:37 AM
I have been through this around June 27th, 5 weeks after an inactive leader from my first fleet kicked me.
All of my experience that you can use.

1. You need LOTS of time. Most of your first few weeks, you will be touring the universe, not for EC but for recruitment. Since a fleet stands and falls by its members, this is what you should work on first. Next you will need to grind EC fast (to unlock all fleet bank tabs), next you will spend some time on Defera (fleet mark/xp grinding) and alot time working on dilithium.

2. Make priorities of your fleet Holdings. Especially in your early days, you won't have the resources to level all 3 holdings at the same time. How my fleet did this: STARBASE FIRST!!!!! then Dilithium Mine (which has been leveling up quite steadily) for discounts on projects, then Embassy. Sure, Embassy is fun, but not really needed, especially since there are a zillion fleets out there already with a T3 willing to offer invites to their map on Public Service Channel.

3. You really want to work out your fleet bank to be supporting. What my experience taught me is to totally ignore all lockboxes and consumables in your bank. Make all space available for members (via promotions ofcourse), except for 1 tab, which we are using for Fleet Event rewards (such as Mirror Ships, lock box keys, traits and so on).

4. Prepare a clear promotion scheme, accessible for everybody (we placed our rules in our Fleet Description, this does not show up in the Fleet Recruitment Message). Clarity on this from day 1 will help both you and your members.

5. Have EXPERIENCE. Both ingame and with fleets. For ingame: members will be asking YOU for help on builds, tactics for missions and such. Have the answers ready. For fleets: spend some time fleet-hopping. See how other fleets do their stuff. Pick both fleets with a great reputation and fleets with a reputation of not doing well (to know what you SHOULDNT do).

Now, another big advice: click the link in my signature (that goes to my fleet site, what a surprice!). I placed the detailed description of my fleet there. Maybe you find something you want in your fleet as well!
Along with this, you are more than welcome to temporary stay in our fleet, grinding your own stuff along with our members. If you want, we could also open talks for a fleet alliance, to be able to team with the other fleet for group missions, and for advice whenever you are interested in hearing this.
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# 5
09-30-2013, 07:34 AM
I moved this thread to the Academy and retitled it, so that it's clear this is asking for advice and not either a guide or a recruitment thread.

Recruitment threads go in the appropriate Fleet forum.
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