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Hello. I am currently using a Ha'apax Advanced Warbird and am wondering where to go as I go past tier 2 rep.

This is what I am using currently:

I am using some crappy gear (such as batteries and only green weapons) because I couldn't afford much better. I am currently grinding the nukara converter and was going to replace something with it, as the +10% accuracy will improve my damage output via crits and the +5 shield power is always useful.
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09-30-2013, 08:40 AM
Your build seems passable, but you sort of lack Tac Team. It is possible to live without this in PvE, but you'll have to aggressively adjust your shields manually.

I would recommend dropping EPTW down to EPTW1 to fill your ensign slots, leaving you with more useful powers you can slot in your Lt Engi slots, like RSP, which will help you a lot without Tac Team there. Move your Extend 3 down to Extend 1 in your other Lt slot, and slot in an Aux2SIF3 there instead to improve your hull repair and resistance. Like Engi Team, it, too, can be cast on allies, and provides resistance in addition to repair.

The Aegis was kind of a waste of money. If you've actually bought/crafted it already, eh, but it's a bit too expensive for use as filler, and on its own merits, doesn't complement the ship. Besides, the shield is awful. For a very nice shield you can get immediately, I recommend the Elite Fleet ResB. If your fleet does not have this unlocked, you can acquire it from a map invite to a better fleet. I could offer you this, as could many denizens of the various public service channels, at no charge. This shield is a keeper, unlike filler trash you will toss. For cheap-as-free, any Purple XII Eng/Deflector/Shield will do in a pinch: They cost little more than the vendortrash value, making them practically free as you can trash them later and get your money back. Sometimes they even cost less than this, meaning someone is paying you to take this crap. This stuff is frankly good enough until you can get your final gear.

Green Weapons are fine. Fancier than what I use, personally, which are whites. You are using Polaron. Polaron and Polaron Accessories are quite cheap, but they do not cimplement your Zero Point console, nor the Romulan Plasma Experimental you can acquire later, a beam with no firing cost. If you're going to slot in that Nukara Console, you're going to be real tight on space. You're going to have to give up either a field gen or an armor if you want to fit that thing, unless you want to toss out a very expensive console you paid for already...such a waste. That, or upgrade to the Fleet version and gain an extra console slot to put your next toy in.

All in all, you seem to have a reasonable handle on how to put together a functioning ship, and while I would do things a bit differently as I described above, nothing there makes me really groan on seeing it.
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09-30-2013, 11:57 AM
I use polaron simply because I couldn't afford Mk XII gear with anything else, since I was planning to eventually use one of the Rep weapon sets once I unlocked it. Polaron MK XII Greems were a lot cheaper then anything else, especially taking the phase modulators into account.

Someone else in my fleet swore by the Aegis set, and the 10% defence bonus + reactive shielding seemed to be worth it. I was planning to keep that until I could get a mk XII (or at least XI) set from rep, which is still a fair ways away. I don't want to leave a fleet just to get gear (it seems somewhat mercenary-like) so if the normal mk XIIs are better then what type of shield should I use? I usually have my shield power near 125 with all the bonuses I get so would regenerative beat covariant? I was originally using a regenerative [cap]x2 [reg] or a covariant [cap]x2.

I wanted the nukara console due to the +5 shield, and the beam accuracy.

The BOFFs make sense - what about using 2 copies of RSP 1 to reduce downtime? I am not sure off the top of my head what the cooldowns would be upon activating one, but I know it workes for the EPTS and EPTW skills.
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09-30-2013, 12:21 PM
When I was flying one, I went with

EPtW1, EPtW2, AtSIF2, RSP3
EPtS1, SPtS2, RSP2
HE1, TS2

Now, ideally for your build, I'd swap out TS1 and CSV for BFAW 1 & 2

Two Doffs I would highly reccomend is the Fabriation Engineer [space] for extra RSP duration (6sec for a rare, 8sec for a v.rare). That makes a big difference with using RSP. The second one is a damage control one that adds a chance of heal over time when using Aux2SIF - becomes a mini HE, without the cleansing. I do reccomend using Aux2SIF simply because it's a 15sec cooldown and doesn't interfere with tac team's cooldown (wheres engineering team does).

Anyways, thats just my experience in the thing.

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