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# 1 Tactical Recluse (PvE)
09-28-2013, 01:05 PM
I've seen some mention of high-damage Recluse builds out there, and most advice i've found so far seems to boil down to 'use advanced/elite mesh weavers' or 'use ultra-rare Scorpions'.

How should one crank as much damage as possible out of that ship?

FWIW, my guess is it would be something like:
- Slot Uni Cmdr BOff as Tac, with APO3 and FAW3.
- Advanced/Elite Mesh Weavers for APB2/3 debuffing.
- all Romulan Plasma Beams (including Expermental), and the Sci Console slots loaded up with RomSci Plasma consoles.
- Assimilated Console/Zero Point Module/Tachyokinetic in the Eng consoles slots. (EDIT: Plasmonic Leech in the 4th slot?)
- Maybe go 2-part Omega (Shield/Engine) and make the RomSci consoles boost Flow Cap to boost Tet Glider (EDIT: and Leech)?

Anyone with direct experience using Recluse for damage or for Elite STF speed runs care to comment and clarify?


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# 2
09-28-2013, 01:55 PM
...and one more thing:

To AuxToBatt, or not to AuxToBatt?

Dropping Aux will diminish Sci performance and Hangar recharge, but with the upside of cycling APO and FAW3 more frequently, would it be worth it?

(also the reason I ask is, I have the techs for A2B, but not the EC for the Attack Pattern recharge DOffs, for now)


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# 3
09-28-2013, 01:56 PM
Well I'll give you mine:

Commander Uni: TT1/FAW2/FAW3/APB3 or APO3
Ensign Tactical: TT1
Lt.Comm Engineering: Emergency to Shields1/Emergency to Aux 2/Aux to SIF2
Lt.Comm Science: HE1/TSS2/GW1
Ensign Science: Polarize Hull 1

Now I run with elite mesh weavers also.

2x Attack Pattern Cooldown
3x Damage Control Engineers

This keeps APB3 on a 21s cooldown and keeps my emergency power to X systems on global too. It means you can have a really strong gravity well and heals etc as your aux should be hitting 130 with a good warp core too.

To improve upon this run Emergency to weapons instead of an engineering ability and DEM. I would probably go for Emergency to weapons 2 and DEM2. If you can fit Marion in too it would be handy but that's for you to decide and refine.

You can also use tractor beam repulsors to up your dps HOWEVER people will get pretty p***ed if you start pushing things at the wrong time and out of weapons reach, so use wisely. Wisely means structures incase you're wondering =P

For consoles and weapons I use all plasma beams with the KCB. 4x Embassy +plasma damage, -threat, flow caps consoles keeps damage high and you want the assimilated console, experimental beam and zero point module with leech if you can. A fleet RCS with +all energy or kinetic damage resistance should help you live longer than the borg etc.

I run 3 piece adapted maco but for max dps I would go 2 piece borg (deflector and engines) and the adapted maco shield as it's the highest cap in the game. The 2 piece proc heals your hull for a lot and it's passive!

If Topset or porchsong are around they might be able to offer some tweaks as they've pushed dps further than I have with my more generalist build =)

Mine parses in the 16k range but as described above should be higher.


It's also worth mentioning my character is a science captain with a VERY generalist allocation of skill points. I have no more than 6 in any skill except weapons training, targetting and manuevers. I may respec the 9 to 6 on them but I dunno, I'll wait till they sort science abilities out so they contribute to completing missions.
It is through repetition that we learn our weakness.
A master with a stone is better than a novice with a sword.

Has damage got out of control?
This is the last thing I will post.

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# 4
09-28-2013, 02:03 PM
Nice build write-up. Thanks!
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# 5
09-30-2013, 01:55 PM
Nice build bp!

I want to max dps so will experiment with the eptw with dem and marion and see if I die too often. Hopefully kill before getting killed.

Now I just need to get my hands on Elite Mesh Weaver pets!
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09-30-2013, 02:08 PM
Like I say this is from porchsong in the 11k+ channels

Might be refined but it should easily get what you need though at the expense of living.
It is through repetition that we learn our weakness.
A master with a stone is better than a novice with a sword.

Has damage got out of control?
This is the last thing I will post.

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