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At the climax of Star Trek: Praetorian Season 3, the 26th Fleet faced their greatest foe yet, a massive armada from the Klingon Empire meant to put a final end to the war with the Federation. Everything the Fleet did in preparation only managed to slow down the enemy onslaught, until Praetorian's day of reckoning finally arrived...

The 26th Fleet resorted to one final, desperate gamble. Utilizing untested science, Starbase Praetorian unleashed a powerful super-weapon against the Klingon Armada. In a flash, the epic battle that would determine the course of the Alpha Quadrant was over. Federation ships investigating the aftermath would report that there was nearly no sign of the Starfleet ships that made their last stand, nor the battle fortress that housed them. The 26th Fleet had vanished, as did the Klingons meant to bring about their end.


After unleashing their doomsday weapon, the results for the 26th Fleet were... unexpected. Firing their untested device, an enormous spacial rift was opened, drawing in Praetorian Station, as well as the ships defending her. After an initial confusion, the men and women of the 26th learned that they were indeed very far from home. Praetorian found herself within a Dwarf Galaxy outside of the Milky Way's galactic disk ? home to uncharted space beyond the Galactic Barrier, dubbed the Outback.

The Outback is home to strange new worlds, and new civilizations, the likes of which the Federation has never encountered before. The war with the Klingons may be over, but the 26th Fleet must now embrace the Federation ethic of exploration if there is going to be any hope not only to survive, but to return home.


After the initial days following Praetorian's unexpected relocation to the Outback, communications with Starfleet were reestablished. While the Federation has managed to establish temporary lanes of transit via Transwarp gates, this solution is not a permanent one. The 26th Fleet is still faced with the challenge of finding a more stable means back to known space, as well as finding means to sustain themselves over the long haul while still in the Outback.

This is where the brave ship captains of Starfleet can embrace the Federation's motto of boldly going where no one has gone before, encountering strange new worlds, and unknown civilizations in the search for a way not only for the 26th Fleet to return, but to also go forward into the uncharted reaches of space, the final frontier.

Feel free to join the fleet itself! Check us out here at*http://26thfleet.enjin.com/home*Or hit us up in the channel SB381 for IC and OOC permissions to come visit us in the great old Outback. If you have any questions at all someone will be there to answer it for you.

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Greetings, from the Romulan Praetorian Guard

as a KDF Romulan, what steps would I need to take in order to contact the 26th directly? (as I have been part of an ongoing diplomatic dialogue with Vice Commander Llywarch)

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For Fleetwide IC comms the SB381 is a good bet to get the attention of the Fleet at large. Also going through VC Llywarch as an intermediary is still perfectly acceptable as well.

Unfortunately due to faction limitations, that might be it. KDF allied Romulans, like the KDF themselves, generally can't visit the Fleet Starbase, and venues of that nature.
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Season 4: The story so far ...

In the midst of the climactic showdown with the Klingon Armada, Starbase 381 "Praetorian" and the 26th fleet were caught in a mysterious anomaly and flung into the unknown reaches of space. Despite suffering extensive damage, the station and its attendant ships made the journey intact. The Klingon fleet did not, and save for a few survivors, now forms a large debris field around the station.

The ships of the fleet have been repaired and are commencing ongoing exploration missions in the immediate region in the search of resources to replenish their depleted stores, as well as that of the starbase. Station crews undertook salvage operations in the debris field, but the wreckage has been impregnated by dark matter. Crucial components were scrapped and quarantined as the infection spread. Science personnel soon had the troublesome particles isolated and the situation is under control, but without the salvage from the debris field, the resource situation remains critical.

However, all has not been without success! A probe finally made it through the anomaly and back to home, mostly in one piece. Starfleet soon began searching, and communications were established - laggy and unreliable, but there. Earth celebrated the news that the 26th live. The first attempts at creating a safe transwarp corridor between Praetorian and Sol were made, but the results leave much to be desired. Praetorian has been placed under quarantine until the dark matter field can be cleared and a more reliable transit corridor established.
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Thank you, rcastillo, I will attempt to contact the fleet at large via the SB381 comm. channel, again.

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Hi all. You are all invited to a Military Ball hosted in the SB381 Diplomatic hub (aka. New Romulus Embassy

If you want to come and try out an evening of RP with the 26th we are holding a Military Ball on October the 5th. See Here for the event time and date in your timezone.

Ball will firstly consist of a memorial to those in the 26th Fleet who lost their lives over the recent months.
Followed by the formal evening, to christen this new era for the Fleet and to provide social time for the officers and crew.

Senior Officers in the Fleet will give speeches to those attending at points during the evening.

Dress Uniforms or equivalent will be required.

To gain invites to the Embassy for the event please us the SB381 chat channel

Event Start: Saturday, Oct 5, 09:00:00 pm (GMT +1)
Event End: Sunday, Oct 6, 03:00:00(ish) am (GMT +1)

To: Whome it may concern
From: Starfleet Inter Fleet Liaison Office

To whom it may concern,

As it may be known the 26th Fleet has recently regained permanent contact with Starfleet and are making arrangements to ensure that this continues.

They will be arranging a Memorial service for the fallen followed by a Military Ball to celebrate their safe return.

If attending this memorial and ball you are reminded that Class B or Class A Dress uniforms are required to be worn.

Also any supplies that ships attending can carry will be greatly appreciated by the fleet.


Starfleet Inter fleet Liaison Office
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4 Hours until the above event
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The Shadow Prince sends his blessings.
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If you haven't seen it yet, here's our guest blog.

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Updated with our Second Guest Blog!


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