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This originally came up in a thread in the general forums asking for new vulcan ships, where I pitched the idea for a 'reunificationist' ship usable by both the federation (maybe limited only to vulcans? not sure, might hurt sales) and the romulan republic (regardless of which side you ally with).

The idea is simple: combining vulcan and romulan ship design aspects to create a ship for the reunificationists - the vulcans and romulans who wish to reunite their people together. D'tan is a well known reunificationist, as was spock. In fact, I think "spock-class" would be an awesome name for this vessel type.

As far as appearance goes, I'm thinking of something utilizing the head shape of more modern warbirds (the mogai, valdore, or ar'kif/ar'kala head designs), with the longish, slender body of a vulcan vessel. The ship would have the 'split wing' design common to many romulan ships like the d'deridex, ar'kif/ar'kala, dhelan, so on and so forth.

The primary visual aspect of the vulcan design would be the warp rings (as seen on the d'kyr), though as many people wanting a new vulcan ship have asked for this ship should feature more than a single ring. My suggestion would be to have two smaller rings - one on each wingtip where the split wing design of the romulan ships comes together - and then a larger ring at the center of the ship.

Being a hybrid ship, this vessel could incorporate the strongest traits of both groups - taking heavy cruiser queues from romulan ships and science prowess from vulcan ships. I cant say what the stats might be like, but I've always wanted a "light cruiser" that retains the weapon slots of the cruiser class but still holds onto the double deflector design and traits of a science ship.

I'll work on a rough sketch of what I think the ship might look like, but feel free to comment or pitch your own ideas on this kind of vessel's potential.

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