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10-01-2013, 06:00 PM
Originally Posted by jonsills View Post
I've mentioned it elsewhere, but it's an idea I tried to throw around just after VOY died.

Set just after the end of VOY, another Intrepid-class long-range exploration vessel, the USS Meriwether Lewis, explores the Gamma Quadrant. Hearkens back to the glory days of TOS - no immediate backup, Starfleet's up to a week away even by hyperchannel, the captain is on his/her own a lot (although still has to justify everything to Command later, so not too far off the reservation...). Every so often, they'll need to make a trip back to DS9 for resupply, although probably also setting up supply caches as they explore the quadrant (so they don't have to stay within a few days of the wormhole at all times).

What is the political situation in the quadrant like, now that the Founders have withdrawn to the Great Link for a time? Are there rogue Jem'Hadar who refuse to accept the surrender? Vorta who have become disillusioned with their gods, and if so, what form does their apostasy take? What foes kept the Jem'Hadar sharp, and the Founders on their guard, before the Wormhole brought them into contact with the Federation?

(Remember, the novels are non-canon - as far as canonical sources, the quadrant's completely open. Minimal continuity snarls possible, unlike Alpha Quadrant.)
I've been thinking along a similar vein for some time. Its nice to know I wasn't totally bonkers (I like the ship's name, btw! It invokes the feeling of rugged frontier exploration)

In my version, which never selected a quadrant, there is not one ship, but a small fleet, primarily 3 ships: a heavily armored command ship under a fleet captain, and two lighter ships, possibly an Intrepid-class as one of them. Their job is to 1) explore, 2) select prime locations for the establishment of "forts" (small bases for trade, repair, and resupply), 3) and guard colony ships and terraforming teams which hope to establish on any habitable worlds found. So rather than running in a straight line, it will be as the flow of explorers, traders, and settlers did on the American west: explore, fort, settlers, rinse, repeat. Each "fort" allows the fleet to probe deeper than before, while allowing a small measure of repair and resupply (though not at the level of a full starbase). There's enough mission variety in that mix to tell a lot of stories.
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10-01-2013, 09:40 PM
One I had been working on prior to Star Trek: Akiraprise and Nemeshiz:

Story set around 2 vets of the Dominion War (Captain and Commander) who run the main ship of the series. The overall story revolves mostly around those two, but the rest of the main characters AND reoccurring cast have fleshed out backgrounds and play integral parts throughout the entire series. Reoccurring Klingon and Romulan crews would set up the potential for TV movie "one-shots" with THEIR crews, and there would be familiar locals (planets and starbases) that would be revisited time and again, or would eventually serve as command hubs for important events that happen later in the series.

I designed all my own ships. I also created new alien crew members and their cultures, plus added elements to build on already existing ones. The Borg played an important role in the series and I was intent on making them scary again. The new culture(s) encountered were also central to the Borg element, as well as to a new "threat" race.

Basically, I wanted a story that combined all the great elements of previous Trek incarnations with a dash of Babylon 5, and roll it all into one series that had a beginning, a middle and an end.

And that's all I'm going to say about it.

Nemesis and Enterprise introduced elements which run contrary to previous Trek, and consequently, central aspects of my story (example: the existence of Remens, and Orion women being in charge) run contrary to what those two "productions" decided to make as canon. I'm basically just trying to convert my cast and story into something non-Trek so they don't go to waste, HOWEVER, JJ Trek would/could make the concept possible again, just set in the 23rd century and (obviously) w/out the Dominion War.


Originally Posted by collegepark2151 View Post
JJ Trek was resolved and eliminated by a temporal inversion.
Not possible.

Timelines must continue to exist in order for anyone to know they must go back and change something about them, and even if they were to do that, they would just become stuck in a loop since they are trying to prevent something that supposedly never happens, yet somehow know that it happens and have to prevent nothing from being something even though there is nothing, but there is something, even though there is nothing - INFINITY.

Also, the events shown in the episode Parallels demonstrate that that universe/reality would always exist somewhere in some form in the Trek multiverse.

And what's a "temporal inversion" anyways, aside from more technobable...

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10-01-2013, 09:51 PM
I would make the Borg finally be defeated as a virus uploaded to them causes them to do an endless Harlem shake loop.
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10-01-2013, 11:05 PM
I'd have the show follow the development of a crew, from start to finish. I guess it would be an Enterprise ship. Also, the show would follow a similar format to the fourth season of Enterprise and old Doctor Who serials, with maybe some DS9 overall arc story-telling too. A storyline would arc over a few episodes. In vibe, it'd be similar to the original series. More adventure and excitement. There'd still be the slower more thoughtful moment though.

Season 1: It would focus on the development of the ship. The new Enterprise is being developed as a way of a fading Starfleet to show that they still have a purpose. The first half of the season is earthbound, and shows the crew being assembled and learning to work together. For a reason I can't think of, the crew is designed to be more ragtag and less perfect. The second half focuses on a few short multi-part adventures.

Season 2 and 3: A cold war with the Klingons breaks out, after a big leadership turn in the Empire. The Klingons try to expand their territory, causing fear among the Federation. The Romulans also engage in territory expansion, making Starfleet require being more militarized.

Season 4: Militarization of Starfleet causes dissent among the Ent crew (the ship was heavily refit). Vulcans and Bolians also withdraw from the Federation.

Season 5: Tholian and mirror universe invasion. The Tholians have helped arm the Mirror Universe, and team up to take on the Alpha Quadrant. Mirror Enterprise gets a fair bit of focus.

Season 6 and 7: Invasion of the Terran empire has resulted in the formation of a Prime universe Terran Empire.
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10-02-2013, 08:52 AM
I had an idea that was set in 25th century about a stable wormhole that is found leading to another galaxy. Settlers and explorers from our galaxy colonize some worlds on the other side of the wormhole and strike out exploring this new galaxy. It would be "wagon trains to the stars" as Roddenberry once said of the TOS. Have a crew out on it's own exploring strange new worlds and civilizations. Maybe you'd have a joint crew of Feds, Klingons and Romulans (now allies) creating some interesting drama.
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10-02-2013, 08:59 AM
I would set the show in the same universe as Star Trek Online in the same time period. The marketing tie-in opportunities between the game and the show would be great. I would push to see an end to the Klingon-Federation war, and with the collapse of the Romulan empire, I would push the Federation into former Romulan space. The neighboring species on the far side of Romulan space, such as the Fen Domar, could present new and interesting enemies and allies to the Federation.
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10-02-2013, 10:03 PM
I always thought that the Franchise needed more Alien Aliens, none of this THEY LOOK JUST LIKE US crap. So unimaginative. The first thing I would do is make the security officer a Horta.
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10-03-2013, 05:47 AM
i wouldnt mind a show kind of like sto

normally star trek shows were centered around one ship (station), one crew and then stuff happend

instead i would like to have a focus on just one char as the main viewpoint, and his career, like

first season: the academy, maybe add some red squad action or conspiracys or whatever but stuff on earth, maybe introduce some sidekicks and stuff

second season: first posting as lt junior grade on any ship here or there doing whatver

and so forth just to have the show follow his career over many ships and many crews, maybe some friends from the academy will follow him to the same ship, maybe not, depending on the story and so forth

what i dont want would be an action focused whatever series to please non trekkies and i dont want only war/whatever, just a good mix between trek, action, sitcom like a mix between tng, ds9 and voy

also having only one char as a focus and not a specific ship makes it much easier to just switch between different types of episodes
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10-03-2013, 05:49 AM
Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
I always thought that the Franchise needed more Alien Aliens, none of this THEY LOOK JUST LIKE US crap. So unimaginative. The first thing I would do is make the security officer a Horta.
i guess its not so much a problem of imagination, and more a problem with that being much cheaper/easier to produce
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10-03-2013, 06:05 AM
Star Trek: Aurelius

Set around the U.S.S. Aurelius, NX-93480 (looks something of a hybrid between the Vesta-classes and the Avenger-classes we see in-game).
A ship tougher and more heavily armed than anything Starfleet has ever built.

Starting 3 years before the Hobus supernova, the Federation and the Romulans are the only major powers left in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The heavy losses the Klingons took during the Dominion War and during a failed invasion of Romulus just after the Shinzon incident has forced the Klingons to withdraw to their core territory. The Cardassian Union is still rebuilding.
A cold war between Starfleet and the Romulans has ensured that Starfleet is building more powerful vessels, having been alerted by the massive Scimitars the Romulans are again constructing.
Later on we get an alliance between the Gorn and the Tzen-Kethi, which will replace the Romulans as main villains after the episode Hobus.
Meanwhile, the Borg are in full rebuild, invading both the Alpha Quadrant with more vast assaults, while also invading the Dominion. The Federation will support the Dominion in their efforts against the Borg, although the alliance isn't always easy.

What do we see?
Political intrigue a la DS9, space battles with that can lost as long as the fight in Nemesis (not like the DS9 2-quantums-and-the-Breen-explode, TNG kind of exploration, crew development, the occasional humor episode, and story arcs that can last a season, with every episode giving tiny bits of info until a bigger picture is formed. Ow,, and no techno babble!!!

Tbh: I'm thinking of actually writing this in a weekly story style on internet.
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